Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jen Wilkin None Like Him 10 ways God is different from Us and why tharw a good thing

None like him 10 ways God is different from us and why that's a good thing.
This book is an excellent book not I only do they give me a better understanding and help me grow through Christ. It also help me understand where I feel shortly in life. Given me wisdom and having a better understanding a folly. And wanted me to become a better person and grow through Christ becoming a God-fearing woman. In the very first chapter I found and the very first after I found a better understanding on how we just each other and tests are on limits and measure everything in life our God is a limitless God he does not judge he does not measure us no matter what he looks at us as if we were perfectly made as he planned us to be. Even though at times we may test the limits or boundaries greatness shows us that he's a loving father this book covers so much  on how God is a great father on how much he loves us he protects us how he created us and how we are set apart from everything else. How he teaches us obedience ,self worth and existence.  He gives its value and self-reflection this book completely gives me a better understanding on why my purpose in life is. It's a better understanding of how to let go of the past and how he's going to redeem us for a better life to live with him eternally. I really have enjoyed reading this book I can honestly say I've got a better understanding of my growth through God as well as a trust and a better understanding of life and existence itself this book is a great read it's very well written and easy to understand as I read this book I feel like it would help others grow with Christ and their relationships in life. I really like that there's a scripture index as well as a personal reflections area for me to journal my thoughts if I read this book. I feel that this book was a real blessing to read I got it at no charge and exchange for an honest review. If anyone would like to enter for a giveaway I will have a Facebook giveaway on my page be sure to check the links.