Friday, July 24, 2015

Passport2Purity Review

Do you talk to your teen? Or preteen? I mean really talk? About things such as your belief and sex as well as goals you have for them? I know its hard! Being a mother of 2 teens, I found that talking to them about things such as Sex is a hard thing to do! As a child my mother didn't have to cover so much with me as I have to with my children. The media teaches our children things that as a parent we may not agree with. Such as books in school or "kid friendly" shows on tv. Now days there are so many temptations and risk! Well if you have had that problem like I have as a parent ( a lost of words when being questioned) conversation isn’t awkward. That awkward conversation becomes easy to have with the Passport2Purity. Not only does it become easy Family Life created Passport2Purity as a tool to help with everything and anything that may come up in life from sex-texting to sex. I was able to sit down with my children who are 14 & 12 and have the talk the real talk with out any worries or fear that they would be uncomfortable or not. The weekend was very pleasant we feel comfortable about talking about anything and its really a blessing seeing and having that relationship with my kids. I would recommend this Passport2Purity to any family with preteens or teens. 

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