Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sandalwood LED lantern

Ultra-Bright 300-Lumen LED Camping Lantern for Camping, Hiking & Emergencies - By Sandalwood®
by Sandalwood

Flicker-Free, Efficient LED Array Remains Cool; Safe up to 6 Continuous Run Days
Small LED Pulse Indicator Light Helps You Find Your Lantern During an Emergency
Rugged Housing Provides Extreme Durability & Water Resistance in Compact Size
Lasts a Guaranteed 100,000 Hours; Safer & Longer-Lasting than Emergency Flares

Sandalwood LED Lantern for Camping, Outdoors, Emergency or just for your Childs Home Made Tent and their travels to where all the imaginary tales exist. 8 watts providing 300 Lumens (3 D batteries not included).

Darkness doesn’t stand a chance.
When you’re armed with this ultra-bright LED lantern from Sandalwood, you have the power to banish the darkness from any environment. Whether you’re gearing up for a camping, hiking or fishing trip with the family or are suddenly caught in an emergency, you can instantly call on the full power and brightness of a whopping 8W - 300 lumens to make light of the situation. To achieve that, the Sandalwood lantern packs a highly efficient LED bulb array that’s rated and guaranteed at a life of at least 100,000 hours. These bulbs produce instant-on, flicker-free light that generates almost no heat at all, and can safely run for 6 continuous days

Designed with ‘light bulb’ ideas.
When designing this Sandalwood LED lantern, we looked at all the shortcomings of the market’s aging lantern models and decided to create a more advanced, more powerful version. We started with the latest in LED lighting technology, incorporated the most high-performing bulbs, fitted the whole thing to a cutting-edge convex reflector for maximum reflection, and packed it all into an innovative package. Best of all, there’s no need for a cord or power outlet: The lantern runs for up to 6 days on three size D batteries (not included), so it’s available for you and your family during the next snowstorm, tornado, or power outage.

You can spread or focus the light.
When fully assembled, this Sandalwood lantern’s reinforced rubber and plastic housing offers water resistance and extreme durability. The main lampshade also serves to evenly disperse the light for an ambient, non-irritating brightness. For more focused forward-facing light, the lantern top is removable. You can then lay it on its side, or flip out the hanging hook at its bottom as well. Another nicety is a slow-pulse LED indicator light that helps you find your lantern in the event of an emergency. The Sandalwood LED lantern is bound to become your go-to light source for both adventures with the family and emergencies. It also makes a wonderful gift.

While camping this past weekend I don't think we could have gotten by so well with out this LED Lantern. Having small kids I worry about a fire or them getting burned with other lanterns but with this LED Lantern by Sandalwood I don't have to worry. I know they wont get harmed or start a fire. I found that the bottom hook is super helpful while in the tent and I love that you only need 3 batteries to light up the area. I found that it was long lasting and didn't run the batteries down quickly either which was very helpful over all I was pleased with the design and how well its made. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

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