Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jaowying Beauty White Armpit Cream

2 Pcs. Jaowying Beauty Whitening, Lightening Armpit Cream and Groin- NET (25ml.) / 0.85 Oz.
from Jaowying Beauty

Jaowying Beauty White Armpit Cream & Groin area- Net (25 Ml) / 0.85 Oz

Jaowying Beauty White Armpit Cream helps to improve underarm skin color to brighter,smoother, and whiter while keeping your underarm smelling fresh with aroma from natural extract of Alpha Arbutin,Kogic Extract and Vitamin E.Lightens dark spot while removing dead skin cell gradually within 4 weeks.

It helps to reduce deoderant. High quality natural and botanical ingredients have been carefully blended and specially formulated with skin lightening agents and multivitamin, boost skin clarity and tone, protect against oxidative damage , moisture loss and make your skin even more smooth and supple. Can use for a long time, skin will not turn darker than before if discontinued.

Natural extract that protect the skin from pigmentation and dark spots. The skin will look naturally radiant.

Reduce the accumulation of bacteria Sweat and odor. It also protects the skin's natural moisture.

How To Use : After bathing or cleaning, apply the whitener on the desired. Use Twice a day , every morning and evening or as needed

So.... When I got this cream I thought that it would have been a white cream! Like the contenter and box states. However this cream is a pink cream that's used for whitening your skin. So at first its misleading. The cream does not have a scent and I found that goes on smoothly and rubs in well. I didn't notice a change in my arm pits only because they wasn't dark I however do use this cream to keep them from darkening. I go this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

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