Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Epica Hand Held Shower Head with Extra-Long Hose

Epica Hand Held Shower Head with Extra-Long Hose
by EPI

3 spray settings: narrow, medium & wide
80" non-kinking hose
Durable chrome-plated metal
Includes holder for use as a fixed shower head
Easy no-tools installation

Whether you're looking for more convenience while shampooing, child bathing and dog washing or additional comfort and safety for family members with limited mobility, you'll appreciate the extra-long hose and reliable performance of the Epica Hand Held Shower Head.
80" Non-Kinking Hose Brings the Shower Power Down to Your Level

At over 6.5 feet long, the Epica's hose lets you sit, stretch and reach without restrictions, so it's an extra-safe solution for those who use a bath seat. It's also perfect for bathing small children or pets who won't hold still. Plus, the anti-kink ring design prevents the hose from getting twisted or tangled.

3 Spray Settings for Personalized Comfort

A rotating ring lets you adjust the shower spray to your needs. The narrow setting provides a forceful, focused spray that's great for thick hair or cleaning the tub. The medium setting is best for general-purpose showering. The wide setting delivers a softer spray for delicate jobs such as face washing and baby bathing.

Includes Storage/Fixed-Head Holder

When the Epica is not in use, or you want to use it as a fixed shower head, simply slide it into the holder arm unit that's included.

Easy No-Tools Installation

The Epica Hand Held Shower Head simply screws into your existing shower outlet pipe, just like installing a regular shower head. Everything you need is included in the box, including Teflon plumber's tape for a secure seal and a water saver insert for the eco- or budget-conscious (not required for proper performance of the shower head).

Durable, Chrome-Plated Metal Unlike plastic models which carry a risk of breaking or deteriorating, the Epica's all-metal construction with rust-resistant chrome plating will give you many years of reliable, safe and comfortable use.

I love taking a hot shower daily having a regular ole hose was a pain and I had a hard time cleaning out the tub. Now that I got this hose its easy to clean the bath tub and spray off your full body. This shower head and hose is alot nicer than the old one I had it doesn't leak either!  I love that its rust resistant and the chome looks great in my bathroom. Found that it was super easy to install and everything you need comes with it so no need to run to your local hardware store. I got this at no charge as a sample in exchange for a honest review.

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