Friday, May 8, 2015

Survival Shovel | SporstsTek Xplorer 10in1 Tactical Shovel

Survival Shovel | SporstsTek Xplorer 10in1 Tactical Shovel | FREE Sheath/Sleeve Cover | Multi-function Capabilities | For Camping, Gardening, Hiking, Auto Emergency, Military, Self-Defense & More | High-Carbon Steel
by SportsTek

MULTI-MISSION CAPABILITIES ARE: Shovel, Fire Starter with Magnesium Flint (located inside shaft), Hammer, Slice, Chop, Saw, Wire Cutter, Hoe, Emergency Auto Hammer, Measuring Tool and Axe | Makes it an ideal tool for: Camping, Hiking, Survival, Emergency Kits & Occasional Zombie Hunting
FREE BONUSES WITH PURCHASE: Includes a Camouflage Nylon Sheath to Protect Your Investment | EXTRA BONUS: FREE eBOOK -
EASY TO USE: The Xplorer 10in1 is Light and Convenient to Carry - Fits Inside any Backpack or Tool Bag | Folds and Locks into Place in Three Directions - 30, 60, & 90 Degrees | Performs Manual Maintenance Tasks such as Digging, Hammering and Cutting wires. | It certainly comes in handy when you need to dig a latrine during a camp over, clearing away those Ice Dams from your gutters, removing snow from underneath your car's tires, or chopping up logs to keep the fire burning during a frosty cold night.

This tool is super easy to use and is very handy! The only thing I wish I had known about this sooner! This tool does everything then some the only thing I wish it did have was a little bit of a longer handle or a extra part to extend it. Its very sharp and makes digging easy. I love that it has so many uses and that its light weight and super easy to fold away for storage. It has a cover to protect it at first it seems cheap but it really is made well. I have found this tool to be super helpful. I keep it in my truck and have found my self using it a few times a week. I got this at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

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