Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ice Sphere Molds & Ice Ball Maker - Set of 4 Ice Cube Trays

Ice Sphere Molds & Ice Ball Maker - Set of 4 Ice Cube Trays - Create Whiskey Ice Balls and Round Ice Cubes That Won't Water Down Your Scotch, Bourbon, Cocktails, & Other Drinks by Pratico Kitchen
by Pratico Kitchen

✔ GREAT VALUE - Set of 4 individual high quality round ice cube trays makes 2.5 in (6.35 cm) slow melting whiskey ice balls, scotch ice balls, bourbon ice balls, and other cocktail ice balls to keep your drinks from getting water-downed
✔ EASY-TO-FILL DESIGNED ICE CUBE TRAY- Simple to fill: remove the cap, fill with water to the line, and freeze; other sphere ice molds require filling through a tiny hole and gets messy
✔ STABLE STACKABLE DESIGNED ICE MAKER - Unique design lets you stack sphere ice cube trays to conserve space; large base prevents tipping and spilling water all over your freezer
✔ SIMPLE ICE SPHERE REMOVAL - Easily remove round ice cubes from base thanks to easy to use pull tab on silicone cap; no unnecessary prying & prodding needed
✔ DURABLE & EASY TO MAINTAIN ICE TRAYS - Made from high quality FDA approved food grade silicone and BPA free plastic; dishwasher safe

Traditional Ice Cube Makers Keep Your Drinks Cool But Get Water Downed

No one likes lukewarm drinks and no one likes water-downed drinks, but without ice
cubes how do you keep your drink cool and non-diluted?

Pratisphere's unique round ice cube trays lets you make 2.5" whiskey ice balls
scotch ice balls, bourbon ice balls, and other cocktail ice
balls to keep your drink cool without getting too waterdowned

How It Works

Ice ball's spherical shape has less surface area than traditional square ice cubes.
This slows down the round ice from melting and diluting your drinks.

Better Than Other Ice Ball Makers

Not all round ice cube trays are created equally.

Here's why Pratisphere's ice maker and ice trays are better:

★ Easy to fill: Remove the ice tray's cap and fill to the line
★ Round ice cubes easy to remove: Pull tab makes removing ice spheres a breeze
★ Space saving ice cube tray design: Stack to fit any freezer and conserve space
★ No mess sphere cube maker: Each ice tray's large base prevents leaking & spilling
★ 4 individual ice cube trays: Make 4 perfectly round ice cubes at once

Finally! I am able to make the perfect ice ball with this pratisphere ice maker. Unlike other ice makers this one is super easy to use and it also is easy to use. With other ice makers you have to worry about having a hard time adding water or the water spilling. These cubes are round every time and easy to remove. They are also stack-able and fit nicely in the freezer. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. These also  make great pop sickles too! 

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  1. I love this ice maker! It makes ice sooo fast. We actually use it at our office. There is always fresh ice when our employees need it. It makes two different sizes. I included a photo so you can see the size of the ice. It is also very soft ice. So if you like to chew on ice, this ice is soft to chew. Highly recommend this one. Very sleek and stylish looking also!