Monday, May 11, 2015

Hammock Tree Straps Kit

Hammock Tree Straps Kit - 10 Ft Durable Polyester Webbing Straps with Ring Hooks - Includes 2 Metal Carabiners in Pull-tie Stuff Sack - Excellent Tree Strapping for Swings and Slings - Prevents Injury to Trees - Weather Resistant for Long Life
by StrapSnake

High quality polyester tree straps are 118" x 2" (300 cm x 5 cm) for extra long use when needed for proper hammock distance
A complete all-in-one tree strap kit with everything in a nylon bag for travel convenience on camping trips and outdoor outings and proper storage when not in use
Uses secure and strong carabiner attachment, instead of S-hooks, to prevent slips and accidental falls
Extra stitching on metal ring loops to avoid tearing with ability to handle large load capacity
Includes instructions with photo illustrations as a guide for setting up your hammock


*** ATTENTION: Check for No S-Hooks, No Carabiners, No Instructions, No Carry Bag or Shorter Straps to Avoid Disappointment ***

- Tree Strap Kit is a complete set with 2 straps each 10 feet long, 2 carabiners and instructions inside a stuff sack carry-all.
- High quality polyester straps are tested with 700 lbs iron block weights for 2 days without breaking with 400 lbs limit.
- Extra stitching on metal ring fabric loops provides sturdy and reliable attachment without tearing apart at the seams.

Where Can You Use These Tree Straps?

- Set up a hammock in your backyard for family fun and relaxation.
- Fasten a hammock chair or swing on the porch to get fresh air.
- Going on a camping trip and string up a comfortable hammock on any nearby tree.
- Head out to the lake and put up a hammock to hang out and chill.

***5 Key Advantages of the Strapsnake Tree Strap Kit***

1. Replacing S-hooks with carabiners increases safety factor for less risk of accidental falling.
2. Extra length of 10 foot straps (versus 5 foot only) allows for flexibility for variation in tree distance and tree wrapping.
3. Wider 2 inch straps provide more secure fit over thinner 1.5 inch straps for less sliding and better tree protection.
4. Weather resistant material avoids deterioration from sun, rain and other elements, plus handy storage bag helps to prolong life.
5. Everything fits in one small stuff sack to keep all parts together in one place.

No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee for Any Defects Under Normal Conditions


Nothing is better than a taking a nap under a tree on a summers hot day! With these Strap snake straps you can rest and be sure to be safe at the same time with out the fear of falling. These straps are very durable and made very well! The hardware is durable and with such easy to use instructions it makes handing a hammock a piece of cake. With double sewn straps it looks like when they say they will hold a load they will! I noticed that the clips are also made well. These didn't look like the ones that are made cheap they seem to hold up well and hold the load. I got this at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

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