Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hamilton Products Brush 3/4″ with Crimped Bristles

Brush 3/4″ with Crimped Bristles

Crimped bristles work to lift light dust and debris from coat
3/4 size from standard brushes, specifically designed for smaller hands
Helps to flatten the hair
Delivers a more finished appearance
Superior grooming tools for horses
Designed with human and horse comfort when using

Hamilton™ Farm and General Needs Products offer a complete line of premium products for livestock.  From halters and grooming tools to supplements and shampoo, Hamilton offers one stop shopping for all of your livestock tack and care needs.


The key to having horses is having a good brush when it comes to grooming them! Our horses love being brushed with this grooming brush. Their hair looks super shine and clean. Unlike other brushes we have used in the past they don't seem to fit in your hand with this brush that's not a problem. It has a nice a nice finger grip and it is just the right size. I love that the bristles are made well into this brush so there is no problems with loosing them. We have goats as well and this is a great brush to use on them too. Its easy to use and clean making it the best brush around. 

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