Sunday, May 24, 2015

Espresso Stack Cup Le Blue Bean

Espresso Stack Cup - Coffee Lovers Gift Present - Perfect for Nespresso Keurig Nescafe Cuisinart - Best Espresso-Coffee-Tea Accessory - Perfect Espresso Set Kit - Home-Office-Dorm (Black)
by Le Bleu Bean

STYLISH DESIGN AND PRACTICAL USE - Timeless ceramic white espresso coffee mugs in a stackable and secured frame. Perfect for your home, office, dorm...anywhere you enjoy your espresso.
AWESOME ORGANIZER AND SPACE SAVER - No more loose espresso coffee cups hanging around and breaking. Neat, tidy and classy.
TOP QUALITY MATERIAL - Sturdy and sleek ABS shell keeps your chic espresso ceramic mug safe and sound.
UNIQUE ADDITION FOR COFFEE LOVERS - You decide how many Espresso Stack Cup will make your set. Your espresso coffee kit is perfect for time with family and friends. Looking for a Mother's Day Gift...Espresso Stack Cup!
YOUR ESPRESSO COFFEE EXPERIENCE - You'll be the talk of the town serving up the perfect espresso coffee in the perfect Le Bleu Bean Espresso Stack Cup.

Imagine sipping your perfect espresso, from the most creative and unique café accessory available.

Let me give you 5 reasons you'll love your Espresso Stack Cup from Le Bleu Bean:

1. Space saver: The brilliant design of the Espresso Stack Cup allows you to neatly organize your kitchen, office, dorm room or just about any place you enjoy your espresso 
2. Creative mix and matching: The different colors available allow you to be creative with your Espresso Stack Cup display. The classic Black and White is very chic and, with new colors coming can really get creative 
3. Impress your friends and family: This is not an espresso/coffee accessory that you will find every day. Espresso lovers enjoy sharing a cup of brew with others, and when they see your Espresso Stack Cup set, they are going to want a set of their own 
4. Top Quality Material and Production: Not only is the Espresso Stack Cup the most unique café accessory, but it is well built. The stack box is made of high quality ABS plastic, providing the protection and organization you need for you ceramic mugs 
5. Supported by a 180-Day limited guarantee
Get your Espresso Stack Cup today. Your kitchen is going to look amazing with this updated and unique Espresso cup...start building your Espresso Stack Cup set today!

Your personal Espresso Stack Cup is only one button press away ... To start enjoying espresso in a way that no one else does, just click at the top of this page.

You may have other espresso sets, but the Le Bleu Bean Espresso Stack Cup set will turn heads like no other set.

So, be unique! Be original! Be the first in your family or circle of friends to have the Espresso Stack Cup.

 This Le Bleu Bean espresso stack cup is super cool!  I love that your able to stack these mini cups and that they are just the prefect size for a cup of espresso. I got this for a gift for my little brother who works at Starbucks he drinks espressos all the time and loves legos. These cups were prefect for his taste and he loved the size. The cup is made well and alot of fun!. I got this product at no charge as a sample in exchange for a honest review.

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