Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ultra-bright LED Frisbee Fiber-optic Array Illuminating "Flting Eagle" Flying Disc by J&R Toys

Ultra-bright LED Frisbee Fiber-optic Array Illuminating "Flting Eagle" Flying Disc
by J&R Toys

Dazzle your friends with this fun and entertaining flying disc that constantly changes colors and pulses light in the night sky. Fun for all ages
Constantly Changing Colors between Blue/Green/Red * Long Life Replaceable Battery
Excellent in-flight stability. Deep rim for easy finger tricks.
Best illumination, preserves night vision
These light up frisbees are perfect for when you want to play catch with your dog at night or for any nighttime ultimate frisbee golf tournaments
This long-flying disc utilizes an ultra-bright L.E.D. fiber-optic array illuminating the entire disc from every angle. The innovative design provides optimal balance and stability. Operation is easy - simply twist a small button on the bottom of the disc to turn on and off. This disc looks,feels and flies like the highest quality non-illuminated Frisbee. Easy Carry Size. Constantly Changing Colors. Lights Up for Play Anytime. Fun for the Whole FAMILY and DOGS, use with your Pets or without. Hours of Entertainment in the YARD, PARK, BEACH or ROAD. Dogs Love to Fetch, Chase and Retrieve this Lighted Frisbee. Customers have been so satisfied with our product that we are pleased to offer a Better than 100% Money Back Guarantee If, for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

My husband is a pro disc golf player so my family loves to play glowbee the only thing is with the disc you have to have a black light or flash light on you at all times to make the disc glow. Well with this LED Lighted disc there is no need for that! your able to play with out needing to carry around a flash light. Its super bright and colorful as well and made very well. I like that it has a screw on/off light switch. It makes it very easy to use. And its alot of fun! We live in the country so we can play at anytime and after hours of playing the lights still work like we just got it. Its very durable as well. I got this item at no charge in as a sample for a honest review. Its loads of fun! 

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