Friday, April 10, 2015

KD Novelties Personalized Children's Superhero Book Review

Personalized Children's Superhero Books, Music and Gifts

Team up your little superhero with their favorite comic book characters with our personalized books, music and DVDs. Your child will be amazed when they see and hear their name in the story and they help save the day.  Each personalized book, music and DVD are filled with an exciting story line including your child and their friends or family. When your child is the star of the story, learning is fun!   Visit our Reading Room to read the entire story for all our personalized books

Superman and Wonder Woman 

Your child is invited to the museums re-opening when it becomes a magical adventure when all the exhibits come alive! Your child helps Superman and Wonder Woman save the day by making Mxy the evil villain disappear.
© DC Comics

Hard cover 6 x 9 personalized children's book with 24 pages full of colorful illustrations. Read the entire story for this personalized children's book in our Reading Room or Tour the Virtual Book.
In Stock. Product Code: B1027
Price: $13.95 + Shipping.

Having a 5 year old that dresses up everyday as a different super hero I knew the second I saw that KD Novelties offered personalized books he had to have one of his own. I would have never dreamed that it would have been so easy to order a
personalized book. In fact if I had known sooner I would have ordered years ago for my oldest children. Ordering a book is super easy! They have the perfect sat up. Asking questions like your child's name, city and state. Not only do they add that info they also asked if we wanted to add two friends names.
Which we did! I added my oldest two children's names. I'm glad I did too! My son LOVED seeing not only his name but his brother and sisters as well. Now I know your thinking that once you have added everything to personalize your book movie or CD that it would take a while to ship! I can honestly say our book was here in no time at all. At first I thought this book would take a while but it didn't. The book has a great plot and is a very enjoyable book to read. Its made well and the binding is made to last for years to come. There are many types of books that you can order as well as movies and CD's there's really no limit to the amount of fun making your very own book.
These books are durable and its something they can read one day to there children of their own. Over all I was very pleased and will be surely ordering again. I got this product as a sample in exchange for a honest review. It honestly was a joy to get and read to my son.  

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  1. This is really really cool! Our 6yr. old girl loves Wonder Woman and I think she would enjoy this so much. Thank you for letting me know about this.