Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light for Hydroponic Garden and Greenhouse Use - 12W, E27 socket, 3 Bands

Alite Advanced LED Plant Grow Light for Hydroponic Garden and Greenhouse Use - 12W, E27 socket, 3 Bands

The 12W LED Plant Grow Light has been optimized to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis performance in your garden plants & vegetables.
We have manufactured the Grow Light in a precise Heat Sink to generate the least amount of heat for safety and also prevents any damage to your Garden Plants
Due to the consistent Light Production and refined Light Wavelength, using the LED Plant Grow Lamp will maximize your Plant Growth in an eco-friendly and energy efficient way.
12 LED Lights (3 blue & 9 red) in precise arrangement to improve Growth across all plants and vegetables
With the supremely efficient LEDs, low heat generation and perfectly optimized Light Wavelengths the LED Plant Grow Light is the perfect option for Indoor Growing.

Living on a farm on of the things we do every year is garden. We love to grow our own free Vegetables. The only thing is living here in the South our plants are still growing great by the time we have our first frost so this LED light comes in handy! We bought in all of our pepper plants at the end of last summer because they wasn't doing so well due to the weather with the help of this grow LED light we just replanted our pepper plants and they already have peppers on them this early in Before we got this light they wasn't doing so well but after we got the light our plants was full of life and growing faster than ever! I love that you can use a old lamp and use this bulb it fits well and the bulb seems to last a really long time. Over all we are very pleased. I got this as a sample in exchange for my honest review. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Christy Nockels' Album "Let It Be Jesus"

Christy Nockels' Album "Let It Be Jesus"

1. Freedom Song (Live)4:27
2. My Anchor (Live)4:36
3. Everything Is Mine In You (Live)7:08
4. The Wondrous Cross (Live)5:54
5. Let It Be Jesus (Live)5:32
6. Who Can Compare (Live)7:26
7. Jesus, Rock Of Ages (Live)4:13
8. If You Never (Live)4:09
9. Leaning On You, Jesus (Live)5:29
10 . Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus (Live) 5:27
11. Wonderful Name (Live)6:09

Original Release Date: April 28, 2015
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Label: SixSteps (SIX)
Copyright: (C) 2015 sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records
Record Company Required Metadata: Music file metadata contains unique purchase identifier.
Total Length: 1:00:30

Order your copy here
With life being full of non family worthy music I decided that I wanted to hear more up lifting and family friendly music. With my family starting to listen Christian based music I was very excited about the change  to get this Christy Nockels " Let it be Jesus" as a sample for my honest review. Christy has a very lovely voice. The lyrics and the music are both very uplifting and touching. Its  very  pleasing to listen to these songs even my children loved listening to these with me.(my 12 year old loves the My Anchor song while Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus is probably one of my favorite songs on this Cd. Her voice is very lovely and as she sings each song the music perfectly matches with each note. She is very well spoken and as she sings its clear and easy to understand the words that flow from her mouth. I felt very honored and joyful after listening to each song. 

(I received a digital copy of this album from FlyBy Promotions in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are entirely my own.)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Molds (4 Pack)

Kuuk Silicone Popsicle Ice Molds (4 Pack)
by Kuuk

High-grade silicone is safe to use and won't leave an aftertaste
Tight fitting lids won't drip or spill during storage
Comes in four fun colors that kids and adults alike will love
Reusable, economical, and healthier than store-bought popsicles
Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Don't waste your money on pricy store-bought popsicles. These silicone ice pop molds are the perfect, easy way to stay cool this summer. Just add your favourite juice, yogurt, or fruit ingredients and pop them in the freezer. In just a little while, you'll have cool, delicious homemade ice pops!

No questionable ingredients
With these ice pop makers, you're in charge. That means you and your family won't get the artificial food dyes, flavours, and questionable ingredients you find in store-bought popsicles. Just add your favourite real fruit juice, fresh fruit, or whip up a delicious smoothie to freeze for later. You can also add your choice of healthy yogurt for a quick and tasty frozen yogurt treat. The only limit is your imagination, and since you control the ingredients, you can feel good about giving treats to your family every day of the week.

No drips, drops, or mess
Each mold has a tight fitting lid, so you don't have to worry about drips in the freezer. You can even lie them on their sides and no liquid will escape. This also makes them great for leftovers. Just pop the lid back on and put your ice pops back in the freezer. No drips, spills, or sticky mess.

Durable silicone materials
Made from durable 100% silicone, these ice pop makers are designed with safety in mind. There's no BPA and other chemicals found in plastic, and you'll note no aftertaste in the finished product. Silicone is also washable, dishwasher safe, and lasts for ages without breaking down.

Fun colours
These molds come in six fun colours that kids and adults will both love. They also make a stylish addition for any summer barbecue or kids' party.

I love these Popsicle molds not only are they easy to use & clean they also make great snack holders. My 5 year old loves using these for frozen yogurt, tea and even chocolate milk. The lids hold any juice in well and do not take long to freeze. I think its great that these are BPA free and reuseable. Its nice being able to reuse them as much as you like and not having to trash them after just a few uses like the plastic ones Ive bought in the past they all seem to break in no time at all. This Kuuk will last for years and years. I got this at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

MagiKüchen Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer

#1 Strong Grip 18/8 Best Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainer, 8-Inch, Option of Classy Black & Refreshing Green for your Lifestyle Kitchen from magikuchen
by MagiKüchen
✔Premium Quality 8-inch, Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer with options of Green & Black color handles! Smartly Designed in response to customer requests for a Bigger Better Quality strainer than the uncomfortable cheap shallow ones.
✔SATISFACTION GUARANTEED* - We offer a *MONEY BACK GUARANTEE* so you can buy with absolute Peace of Mind. If you are not 100% satisfied, you get Your Money Back. WE LOVE USING THIS STRAINER & YOU WILL TOO!
✔Fine Mesh for easy straining of Pasta, Quinoa, Rice, Noodle, Juice, Water, Tomato, Cheese, Yogurt, Spaghetti, Pea, Fruit, Vegetable, Spiced Drink and much more. Perfectly used to filter loose Tea Leaf, Beer, Wine, Honey, Milk, Liquid, Gravy, Jelly, Jam, Cocktail, Sauce, Baby food, Soup, Stock etc. Use it to drain extra cooking oil from french fry or fried food. 20 cm size is perfect for sifting any quantity of dry & wet ingredients such as fine Sugar,confectioner's icing, cocoa powder, ground coffee beans, Seeds, Grains to remove unhealthy acids. The 8" sieve will break compacted food into airy, uniform ingredient. It's Easier to strain for Faster Results & You'll NEVER have to Strain Your Quinoa or Pasta Twice.
✔PREFERRED CHOICE BY PROFESSIONAL CHEFS & NATURAL FOOD LOVERS FOR ITS STURDY DESIGN & PERFORMANCE. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel 304, also known as 18/8. 100% Rust-Resistant. The Strainer is Built for Long-Term use. The long enough handle is made with Brand New Design for more convenience. The handle is Solid and Sturdy which gives the strongest grip without compromising the comfort level. Easily fits over the saucepan, pot and bowl with the supporting Ring. The Perfect Shape for Pouring Without Spilling. Handle is heat resistant, so can be used as deep fryer. Unlike nylon or plastic ones, it won't bend because of food weight. Dishwasher safe & very easy to clean by hand too.
✔MagiKüchen PREMIUM STATUS - It means BE THE FIRST to know our newly launched products, Get EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS, Enjoy FREE SAMPLE of our new products and SPECIAL PRIVILEGE to discuss potential new products that you would like to see in our inventory. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Become a PREMIUM member automatically just by buying this strainer. Once A PREMIUM Always A PREMIUM. That means for any reason if you are not fully satisfied with the strainer, without revoking your status we will issue a FULL REFUND.

I love that this strainer is stainless steel! My old one was plastic and it was full of burned spots. It even burned me to hold it. This MagiKuchen strainer is wonderful it has a nice handle that makes it super easy to strain noodles or other foods. I have used it for flour, sugar and even rice. Its real a nice size and super easy to clean I love that's durable and very easy to hold with no gaps or worrying if it will hold up. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Ultra-bright LED Frisbee Fiber-optic Array Illuminating "Flting Eagle" Flying Disc by J&R Toys

Ultra-bright LED Frisbee Fiber-optic Array Illuminating "Flting Eagle" Flying Disc
by J&R Toys

Dazzle your friends with this fun and entertaining flying disc that constantly changes colors and pulses light in the night sky. Fun for all ages
Constantly Changing Colors between Blue/Green/Red * Long Life Replaceable Battery
Excellent in-flight stability. Deep rim for easy finger tricks.
Best illumination, preserves night vision
These light up frisbees are perfect for when you want to play catch with your dog at night or for any nighttime ultimate frisbee golf tournaments
This long-flying disc utilizes an ultra-bright L.E.D. fiber-optic array illuminating the entire disc from every angle. The innovative design provides optimal balance and stability. Operation is easy - simply twist a small button on the bottom of the disc to turn on and off. This disc looks,feels and flies like the highest quality non-illuminated Frisbee. Easy Carry Size. Constantly Changing Colors. Lights Up for Play Anytime. Fun for the Whole FAMILY and DOGS, use with your Pets or without. Hours of Entertainment in the YARD, PARK, BEACH or ROAD. Dogs Love to Fetch, Chase and Retrieve this Lighted Frisbee. Customers have been so satisfied with our product that we are pleased to offer a Better than 100% Money Back Guarantee If, for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply return for a full refund.

My husband is a pro disc golf player so my family loves to play glowbee the only thing is with the disc you have to have a black light or flash light on you at all times to make the disc glow. Well with this LED Lighted disc there is no need for that! your able to play with out needing to carry around a flash light. Its super bright and colorful as well and made very well. I like that it has a screw on/off light switch. It makes it very easy to use. And its alot of fun! We live in the country so we can play at anytime and after hours of playing the lights still work like we just got it. Its very durable as well. I got this item at no charge in as a sample for a honest review. Its loads of fun! 

PowerJive [5 Pack] Assorted Lengths (6ft, 3ft,1ft) Premium Micro USB Cables High Speed USB

PowerJive® [5 Pack] Assorted Lengths (6ft, 3ft,1ft) Premium Micro USB Cables High Speed USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B Sync and Charge Cables for Android, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and More (Black Multi 5 Pack)
by PowerJive

Assorted cable length 5-Pack - 1ft x 1 , 3ft x 3 , 6ft x 1 - Perfect sizes for all your charging needs
High speed charge & sync: Enjoy USB 2.0 speeds up to 480Mbps
Sturdy flex boots prevents tearing at stress points
Compatible with all micro usb devices including Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus 4, S3, S4, S5, S6 Android tablets and windows phones
Made by PowerJive® - Lifetime Warranty

I am in LOVE with these cords!! They have a wider base and seem to be the only power cord that will charge up my Samsung Galaxy S4! Not even the cord that came with my phone will charge my phone. I love that you get a few different lengths and that there are 5 cords in all. The cord its self is well made and is thick. I have folded, rolled up and done everything think known to man and they do not kink or bend. These are by far some of the best cords I own. I love the 6ft cord the most! I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 
Whats best about these cords is that I can charge everything from power bars, my kindle, the kids tablets, flashlights and more. 

More Than Just The Talk Book Review

More Than Just The Talk
By Jonathan Mckee

Have Real Conversations with Your Kids about Sex

In a sex-saturated culture where kids are exposed to nearly 14,000 sexual references per year on television, and 70 percent of teenagers have encountered pornography on the Internet, parents can't rely on the traditional one-time "sex talk" that their own parents muddled through. Kids need to know that it's natural to be curious about sex and that their parents are the most reliable source of information. Otherwise, their friends and smartphones will be more than willing to give answers that are likely to lead them down the path to sin and heartache.

Jonathan McKee shows parents how to move beyond the initial awkwardness of this subject into an ongoing conversation with their kids about God's amazing gift of sex. He equips them to engage in open conversations about dating, temptation, porn, and purity. Parents will find answers to the tough questions most people avoid and relevant Scripture regarding sexual issues. When parents provide the honest answers their kids are longing for, they can become the ones their kids turn to with their questions about this critical topic.

Order your copy HERE

Being a mother if a 12 & 13 year old as soon as I heard about this book I knew it was something that I NEEDED to read! And am I glad I did! Its full of helpful tips and things I would have never thought of to talk to my children about. As there mother I want to do my very best teaching them and watching them grow up but life is hard and full of temptation. This book More Than The Talk is a great book I would recommend it to all parents. temptation is a hard thing to deal with in this world and I found this book as a trust worthy guide on how to help keep my children lean more towards our family belief and the Bible. 

SunLabz 10000mAh NiMH D Rechargeable Batteries

SunLabz 10000mAh NiMH D Rechargeable Batteries - 4 pack
by SunLabz
CHOOSE ECO FRIENDLY: SunLabz mission is to provide smart energy solutions that will encourage more people to switch to rechargeable batteries and other Eco-friendly energy sources. In the United States alone, each year 2.9 billion batteries are thrown away with 179,000 Tons of them ending up in Landfills. By taking a small step through switching to rechargeable batteries and recycling old cells we can make a difference together!
ACHIEVE HIGHER PERFORMANCE: Our NiMH batteries have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent size NiCD cell and are built to last longer with a higher energy density approaching that of a lithium-ion cell. Whether looking for lots of charge cycles or ultra high energy density, SunLabz has you covered!
MAKE A SMART FINANCIAL CHOICE: Because our cells last longer and can be recharged over and over again you can now save on buying and throwing away expensive single use batteries. With the average US household buying up to 120 batteries a year, costs can quickly accumulate. Removing the dependance on single use cells is not only a smart ecological choice it is also the right financial choice.
GET MORE CHARGE CYCLES: SunLabz batteries can be recharged 1000x times, this means you are getting more out of each cell and can depend on their quality for any applications from cameras to flashlights, remote controls and more.
OPT FOR RECYCLABLE: Please remember that your SunLabz batteries are recyclable! Most of the Post Offices in the United States as well as many other businesses offer battery recycling collection.

I got these just in time! I can never seem to find batteries around the house my kids go thought them like crazy. So as soon as I saw these I knew they was just what we needed! They seem to last a long time and are the perfect size. I got these at no charge for a honest review. These work better than my store bought throw away batteries and they also help from waste. I found that these recharge in no time at all and  last a very long time.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kuuk Silicone Large Ice Cube Mold Tray (Twin Pack) Blue and Green by Kuuk

Kuuk Silicone Large Ice Cube Mold Tray (Twin Pack) Blue and Green by Kuuk

Makes XL ice cubes for a fun spin on the ice cube tray
Sturdy and safe silicone construction - FDA Approved
Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance
Ice cubes are easily removed with a push
Featured in stylish blue and green colours. Twin pack saves you money.

Make extra-large cubes of perfectly square ice any time with this Kuuk Silicone large ice cube tray twin pack. Each tray features moulds for four extra-large ice cubes. Great for parties to create a unique spin on traditional cubes, or for portioning your favourite foods for later use.

Silicone is Safe for Your Family
Our silicone ice cube trays don't contain BPA and other harmful chemicals which may leech into ice with more conventional plastic trays. That means you get fresh, pure ice each and every time without worry for your family's health.

Creates Perfect Square Extra-Large Ice Cubes
These trays will create extra-large ice cubes in a perfectly square shape perfect for your larger classes, tumblers, or punch bowls for a fun and festive appearance. They're also easy to remove. Just add water, freeze, and then pop the ice cubes out when they're ready to use.

Multi-Purpose Trays
You can make more than just ice with these large trays. Perfectly measure baby food, sauces, spices, herbs, and food portions and freeze for later use. When you're ready, just pop a cube and thaw before feeding, or add sauces and herbs directly to your meal as it cooks.

Low Maintenance
Just put these trays right in the dishwasher when it's time to clean. They're top-rack safe and require no special treatment. They're also sturdy, and won't break down over time, even with repeated washing.

Stylish Colours
This two-pack of ice cube trays comes with one blue and one green tray for a stylish and festive look.

You can make make extra-large cubes of perfectly square ice any time with this Kuuk Silicone large ice cube tray twin pack. To do this I would add a plate or something flat in the freezer. I found that when making this square ice cubes they will turn out much better and they will be more even. I placed the ice trays in the freezer and when I did with out a tray or something flat under them they was uneven. These cubes only take a few hours to make and once they are made you can pop them right out of the silicone tray with ease.  My kids love these cube trays and I love that they are BPA free! These trays would be great for other uses than just for Ice. I found that these would be great for sauce, baby food, eggs, and even seasonings. I got these at no charge for a honest review. These are alot of fun and super easy to use. I love that they are easy to clean and reusable. 

Supernova Orion Ultimate Survival Rechargeable LED Lantern and Power Bank - The Most Versatile, Brightest and Unique Camping, Emergency, Recreation, Fishing, and Hiking Lantern Available (Celestial Blue) bySupernova

Supernova Orion Ultimate Survival Rechargeable LED Lantern and Power Bank - The Most Versatile, Brightest and Unique Camping, Emergency, Recreation, Fishing, and Hiking Lantern Available
by Supernova
✔ 180 Max Lumens Lantern for camping, emergencies, hiking, and more
✔ Built in Power Bank charges phones, tablets, or any other handheld device so that you are never left without power
✔ Easy On/Off Operation by simply opening and closing the lantern
✔ Compact and retractable design for easy storage and mobility
✔ Operates on either 3 AA batteries (included) or 2 lithium ion batteries (also included) for maximum operating time and flexibility

The Orion Ultimate Survival LED Lantern and Power Bank by Supernova is the most versatile survival tool available and features both a stunningly bright LED Lantern and a built in Power Bank.

It features:

✔ 180 Max Lumens Lantern for camping, emergencies, hiking, and more

✔ Built in Power Bank charges phones, tablets, or any other handheld device so that you are never left without power

✔ Easy On/Off Operation by simply opening and closing the lantern

✔ Compact and retractable design for easy storage and mobility

✔ Operates on either 3 AA batteries (included) or 2 lithium ion batteries (also included) for maximum operating time and flexibility

✔ Brushed gun metal finish makes the Orion as durable as it is beautiful

The Ultra Bright LED Lantern component has 4 different modes of operation:

- High

- Low

- Red

- Flashing Red

Everything you need in order to use your Orion right out of the box comes included at no extra charge:

✔ 180 Max Lumens Rechargeable Power Bank Camping Lantern

✔ 3 AA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries

✔ 2 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

✔ Micro USB Recharging Cable

✔ Instructions and Manufacturer Warranty Registration Details

As with all of our products, the Orion Ultimate Survival LED Lantern and Power Bank by Supernova comes with a 5 Year Warranty* and our No Questions Asked Return Policy, so you can rest assured that there is absolutely no risk to you!

Order yours today and your Orion will immediately be shipped and on its way to you!

Unlike other out door lights I've used or tried in the past this light is rechargeable and is brighter than any I've seen. I really like that I am able to charge my cell phone. This light is also so bight that I can see out side well when its pitch black. It helped save out chickens life. I walked out side because I heard a noise and shined the light near the noise and scared off a fox. I know its because of this bright light the chicken is still alive today. I find that its also handy that you can change the brightness as well as run on a red flashing light. I feel like this light would be very handy camping, or just to have in your automobile.  Not does this light up in 3 different settings the light is also 360 around with light covering all areas around.. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Stanzino 3/4 Tunic

Stanzino® Women's V neck 3/4 Sleeve Casual Tunic

Buy a Trusted Brand Name - Stanzino® is the #1 Top Rated by Consumers when it comes to Apparel & Accessories
Machine Washable

This gorgeous women's v-neck three quarter inch sleeves tunic is absolutely breathtaking I love how it flows in the back and the olive green color it is made of a mixture of polyester rayon and spandex. I found this tunic fits very well I ordered the size I would normally wear I do wish that I would have ordered a size up due to my large breasts this top does fit very well and it has a very nice flow in the back. This material is very breathable and flowing. It is very stylish with today's trends and I feel like this would look great with jeans, khakis, palazzo pants or even tights. I got this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. Over all I love it and will be ordering another one in a different color.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television Kindle Edition by Motti Aviram (Author)

Motti Aviram is a leading figure in the Israeli children's television industry. He has created a large share of Israel's most successful and appreciated children's TV series. He has also served as the head director and content editor of Sesame Street shows in Israel, and directed the Shalom Sesame series in New York (starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Jerry Stiller, Joan Rivers and many more). Later, Aviram became the content director of Hop TV, Israel's leading pre-school TV channel, and then established Subtext, a content company specializing in children's television shows. Aviram has served as a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and at Israel's School of Screenwriting. Currently, he is the content director heading the creative team at Clasikaletet, a company specializing in the production and distribution of videos and books for children.

Editorial Reviews
The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television, will be recognized as a canonical work on children's content writing.  Aviram's intensive and inclusive research has led to the writing of a must-read book for anyone who is involved or intends to be involved in writing for children, and for anyone who is interested in children and their interactions with the media.  This book provides a deep foundation full of experience and rich in examples, script analysis, studies, anecdotes, and love for the field and for the children themselves.
Professor Rony Oren, Head of Animation at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design

The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television, opens a window to all the fields of children's creative content.  It will teach and enrich you, shed light on subtleties that are not to be ignored, and lead to the creation of original, high quality products.  Reading this book is recommended for anyone who is interested in scriptwriting for children, and given the reality, it should become compulsory reading for anyone in the field.  
Tamar Hochsteter, HaPinkas, children's online magazine of literature and culture

In his book, The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television, Motti Aviram provides comprehensive information for people interested in this field.  Given Aviram's impressive resume, it would be worthwhile for any scriptwriter to put aside a few hours in order to read this book.
Nahum Mohiah/Culture/Makor Rishon Newspaper.  March 2011
From the Author
"Draw me a sheep", demands the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry at the beginning of his book.  In my opinion, that is the essence of being children's content writers -- to use the best of our skills in order to create high quality content that will directly serve the tastes and needs of our young audiences.  And in order to do that, we must take a step back and see the world through children's eyes.  We must become the children we once were.  And as Antoine de Saint Exupéry writes in the Introduction of his book; "All grown-ups were once children--although only very few of them remember it."

Product Details
File Size: 2025 KB
Print Length: 387 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled  
Not Enabled  
Word Wise: Not Enabled
Lending: Enabled
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #218,746 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#15 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Humor & Entertainment > Television > Screenwriting
#75 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Humor & Entertainment > Movies & Video > Screenwriting

This book The Complete Guide to Screenwriting for Children's Film & Television Kindle Edition
by Motti Aviram  (Author) makes learning fun! It explains how to bring life to a story for children to love it and enjoy. Motti Aviram has made this book full of knolage and fun to read its really a great read. I enjoyed learning how to bring my inter child out and being able to tell a story. With the help of this book. Teaching can be so much fun as adult I found that I can take parts of this book and use it in my everyday life with my children. Making learning fun and enjoyful for all. With such great topics your surely able to enjoy this book as well. Chapter One is an introduction states that writer's for children need to have some knowledge about the age of the children, for whom one wishes to write. This is eloquently stated, in fact. Simple, it would seem.

Chapter Two introduces one's target audience. This includes their ages, developmental stages, etc. This is well done and broken down with a sharp simplicity.

Chapter Three is entitled, "The Principles of Writing for Children."

Chapter Four instructs as to writing comedy.

Chapter Five is a short chapter, as it introduces the next three chapters, which are critical.

Chapter Six addresses cognitive abilities in early childhood.

Chapter Seven explains that content is a response to a need.

Chapter Eight details the sci-fi characters (heros, ogres, etc.).

Chapter Nine discusses puppets and puppetry.

Chapter Ten raises the topic of animation.

Chapter Eleven instructs as to joining the industry of children's media.

I got this book at no charge as a sample in exchange for my honest review. 

GARLIC 60 Day Supply - 120 Softgels by BRI Nutrition

Diallyl sulfides in garlic can help elevate the production of a protein called ferroportin. You see, ferroportin is responsible for exportation of iron from the cell (enterocyte) into the circulation. In short, it prevents decreased levels of iron to occur within the body. Ferroportin is a basolateral transport protein regulated by the proteinhepcidin to prevent unnecessarily high levels of iron in the body that could become damaging. When iron becomes decreased in our body for long periods of time, this could develop into anemia thus ferroportin is an important component of compensation of the body.

Such benefits may partly be in regards to the production of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas. Erythrocytes or red blood cells can take sulfur-containing molecules in garlic called polysulfides and use them to produce H2S. In turn, H2S can help our blood vessels expand and regulate our blood pressure.

Oxidative damage also leads to undesired inflammation. This combination of oxidative stress and inflammation puts our blood vessels at risk of plaque formation. Thus, plaque formation could in turn leadatherosclerosis which can result in the death or rupturing of blood vessels because of the decreased flow or pressure of the circulation caused by plaque. Garlic’s unique set of sulfur-containing compounds helps protect us from both inflammation and oxidative stress.

Garlic’s Vitamin B6 helps by doing so through the mechanism of lowering levels of homocysteine. Homocysteine is an intermediate product of an important biochemical process called the methylation cycle. Homocysteine consequently can damage blood vessel walls if high levels are left unchecked.

Allium vegetables, which include garlic, have shown important anti-cancer properties noted in recent studies. Interestingly, high intake of garlic has been found to lower the risk or virtually all cancer types except breast cancer and prostate cancer. However, even if you only had moderate amounts of garlic intake, studies have cited that it has been found to lower the risk of two types of cancer – colorectal and renal cancer.

I really love Garlic but hate the smell and after taste. I was super excited to see if how these Garlic Supplement worked. I thought I would not only try them but I also wouldn't tell my husband so I would know if they was really working. He hates garlic and knows the second I eat it. I started taking these daily and did notice that there wasn't a garlic taste and not only that I wasn't gassy like I am when I eat garlic. These pills are great health benefits of garlic supplements. My husband did not know I was taking these which is nice since I didn't have the I just ate garlic odor. I also feel like these are great for daily use. I took 2 a day with a glass of water after my lunch. These are not hard on your system and are easy to swallow. I did like that they are a gel and not a hard pill. I did like seeing that these are made here in the USA as well!! I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener from EverKitchen

2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener from EverKitchen. Our Citrus Juicer is Super-Strong, Light Weight and Dishwasher Safe. This Citrus Squeezer is made of Stainless Steel and has been polished to a Mirror Finish.
by EverKitchen

FREE BONUS ACCESSORY: Built-in Bottle Opener. Pop a Soda & Squeeze a Lime right in
PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL GRADE. Our Stainless Steel won't Rust, Chip or Peel
DISHWASHER SAFE: Very easy to clean, a quick rinse and dry is enough in most occasions.
EASY-TO-SQUEEZE HANDLE makes it very comfortable to use.
100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Buy with confidence. No questions asked.

EverKitchen 2 in 1 Professional LEMON SQUEEZER with BOTTLE OPENER. 

We are proud to present you the coolest Lemon Squeezer in the market. 

We are so proud of our product that we are including a Lifetime Guarantee. 100% of your MONEY BACK if you are not satisfied. No questions asked. 

We are the first to add a BOTTLE OPENER to a lemon squeezer so now you can make delicious drinks mixed with your favourite soda without having to get crazy looking for the sneaky bottle opener. You know what we mean, right? 

Our Lemon Squeezer is DISHWASHER SAFE and has been designed to give you the maximum SEED AND PULP-FREE juice from medium size lemons, limes and any other citrus fruit. Simply cut fruit in half, and place it cut-side down in the bottom bowl of squeezer, squeeze the handle and enjoy! 

It is ideal to be used directly on salads, meat, fish and even on drinks. Say goodbye to the two most annoying uninvited guests: seeds and pulp 

What you will get with our 2 in 1 Professional Lemon Squeezer with Bottle Opener: 

    • The most STYLISH and EXCLUSIVE lemon squeezer in the market 
    • New friends :) 

This stainless steel lemon squeezer just replaced my bottle opener and my old squeezer! Its compact and has so many uses!  I love that its stainless steal its very very durable and made well! I love that when squeezing lemons you do not get seeds in your juice. Its EverKitchen has made this to where its not going to just fall apart after one use. I do wish that it was a little larger since I get large lemons more than I do small ones. Its is great for limes ! I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review.