Saturday, March 14, 2015

ReLeaf Rake leaf scoops

Oversize Leaf Scoops *Lifetime Guarantee* Superior Quality Multipurpose, Ergonomic Hand Held Rakes, Ideal for Fast Leaf and Lawn Grass Removal - An Excellent Hand Held Helper, Perfect Trash Loaders and Collectors of Sharp Items. Get the Best Grabber Tools on Amazon Today!
by ReLeaf

OVERSIZE LEAF CLAWS - The Releaf Closed Design gets the JOB DONE FAST wet or dry with minimal fuss or spills.
LIFETIME QUALITY GUARANTEE – Hassle Free “Return & Replace" policy for life.
OTHER USES –An extra sized hand for fruit picking / spreading mulch / feeding leaf shredders / hygienic pet mess clean up tool / gather toys fast after kids playtime.
INTELLIGENT UNCOMPLICATED STORAGE – Easy hang and fit together design.
PROTECTION – A barrier from stinging nettles, rosebushes and weeds.

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops - We've Got Your Yard Uncovered
- Save Time - Spend More Time Doing What You Enjoy
- Protection - A Barrier from Sharp And Stinging Nettles
- Keep Clean - Scoop Up Without Getting Your Hands Dirty
- Fun For All The Family - Ergonomic Design Turns Little Hands Into Bear Claws

The Premium Leaf Scoop Solution For You, Family And Friends.

An Innovative Gift That Is A Significant Addition To Every Kitchen Tool Box Or Garden Shed, These Multipurpose Giant Hands Are Ideal For Picking Up Leaves, Needles, Plant Trimmings, Trash and Sharp Items.

Recycling And Composting? These Leaf Scoops Are Excellent For Transporting And Spreading Compost And Mulch.

Sized Perfectly To Fit All Yard bags And Trash Cans, The CLOSED SCOOP DESIGN Keeps Small Items From Slipping Out. Use One As A Rake To Gather Stray Leaves To Stack For Easy Bagging Or Mulching. These Really Are The Extra Pair Of Hands You have Been Looking For.

Why Choose ReLeaf

- Robust Design
- Easy Hang, Stackable Storage
- Precision Manufacturing Process
- No Moving Parts
- One Size Fits All

Our Guarantee - Feel Reassured in your Purchase Of ReLeaf Leaf Scoops

For The Best Leaf Scoop Solution Out there, Look No Further,We've Got Your Yard UncoveredTM

USA's Favorite Yard Scoop Tools...Grab A Set Today....Click The "Add To Cart" Button Above Now And Have Full Confidence In Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

During the Fall and Winter months when everyone raking their leafs we collect them! First off they make great compost and they are great for the GOATS!! Yes goats love them! They lay in them, eat them and just enjoy them! Not so long ago it snowed and iced everywhere. I mean everywhere all of the goats were out looking for something to eat but everything had frozen. So my 13 year old figured out a way for the goats to enjoy some leafs ( they had feed to eat but they wanted leafs ) He used these handy  Releaf rakes to gather and pull the leafs out. They loved them! And he loved these Releaf rakes they are perfect for picking up anything lite weight! And are very easy to use. You just slide your hands in and then use them as if you had gloves on. They are kinda cool looking and remind me of HULK hands! I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

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