Thursday, March 19, 2015

Orblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel - Professional Baking Dough Blender with Blades by Orblue

Orblue Pastry Cutter Stainless Steel - Professional Baking Dough Blender with Blades
by Orblue

Superior Quality - The Professional Dough Blender is engineered from stainless steel construction so it will NOT break, bend or rust. This pastry cutter was meticulously designed to serve you for years and decades to come.
Effortless Mixing - This pastry blender with blades quickly cut butter or margarine into dry ingredients such as flour, sugar or baking powder, combining a set of wet and dry ingredients seamlessly so you can bake your pie crust or cookie like a boss.
Good Grip - The black soft-grip handle of the dough cutter absorbs pressure and won't spin or come loose in your hand. Hold it and note how comfortably your fingers wrap around it.
Save Time - If you've ever had dough mixers before, you probably owned one with flexible wires like on a dough whisk that can take up to twice the time to do the same thing with the Professional Dough Blender. Haven't you put up with enough inconvenience?
100% Guarantee - If you have any problems FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE PRODUCT, we will refund your order in full PLUS supply a new item. Add to cart now because you literally risk nothing.

I just began baking from scratch its become a hobby a very tasteful one I must add! So as soon as I saw this Pastry Cutter I knew I had to get it a try. I was very happy to see how well this is made! The blades are made well and will not bend. I notice that the handle is well made and easy to hold. I like how well it fits my hand so when I work the dough my hand doesn't cramp. I like how well I am able to mix all my dry ingredients as well as the wet with ease. Its nice not having to pull out heavy mixers and this Orblue dough blender is super easy to clean with no extra parts its a breeze! Disclosure: I was provided this product for review purposes. At no charge for my honest review.

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