Friday, March 27, 2015

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter - Water Proof - Military Grade - 12,000+ Strikes - Flammable Shavings - 3,000 Degree Sparks - Best Life Time Warranty
by Pernix Supply Company

EXTREMELY DURABLE - Lasts for OVER 12,000 Strikes, Water Proof, Military Grade
RELIABLE IN ALL CONDITIONS - Guaranteed to Function During ALL Out-Door Endeavours
MAGNESIUM ROD - Creates Scorching HOT Sparks, Produces Fire Instantly
BEST LIFE TIME WARRANTY - This Product is Assured by Pernix Supply Company's Life Time Warranty

With The Help Of The Magnesium Survival Fire Starter, You Will Always Be Ready For ANY Endeavour You Embark On!
• No More Hassle With WET Matches or Lighters
• EASY to Use in ANY Condition, Wet or Dry!
• Compact Design For Convenient Travel
• Accompanied By a Lanyard For Handling Ease
• Lights Campfires, Stoves, and Gas-Barbecues

1. Scrape Off Magnesium Shavings Into a Small Pile.
2. Firmly Hold The Striker Against the Flint at a 30°-45° Angle.
3. Apply Pressure While Sliding the Striker Down the Magnesium Rod, Allowing the Sparks to Land on the Pile.
4. Place Tinder or Paper on the Burning Magnesium Pile and Blow Gently.
5. Once the Tinder Has Ignited, Progressively Add Larger Kindling Until the FIRE Increases!

• Make Sure to Practice in a Controlled Environment Before Hand
• Keep Out of Reach From Children
• Always Put Out Your FIRE


I was making a safety kit and thought this would be very helpful if needed. I had never seen or used one of these before and at first I can say I failed. But once I realized that I needed to hold the flint/striker at a angle with in seconds I had a nice spark! This product is very easy to use and helpful. This Magnesium Survival Fire Starter would be great to have on the go I found that it is helpful having a First Aid kit in my car. And this Fire Starter is just the right size its not too big and you have everything you need in one place. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

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  1. Great review! My husband need son of these desperately!