Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers - These Chalkboard Paint Pens come in 8 Beauitiful Colors including White, Fine and Chisel 6mm Tip These are the BEST for all your Non-Pourous Glass, Window, Chalkboard, Whiteboard Artistic and Decorative ideas! Great for Restaurants, Bistros, and Bar Signs. Buy Now with 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!
by Ander Blake Company (TM)

FUN! ★: ★: ★: Perfect for ALL Your Creative Artistic and Marketing Needs - Restaurant Specials, Store Sales, Birthdays, Bistro Menus, Weddings, Party and Even Decor and so much more! Everyone Love Liquid Chalk Art!
SAFE! ★: ★: ★: Water-based, Non-Toxic Paint Pens are Easy to Use and Erase in Seconds!
VERSATILE! ★: ★: ★: 6mm Chisel Tip Allows You to Create Fine or Broad Strokes for Your Unique Needs
STAND OUT! ★: ★: ★: Enjoy this Variety of 8 Vibrant Colors including White!
MULTI-USE! ★: ★: ★: Great for use on (NON-Porous) Chalkboards, Glass, Whiteboards, Mirrors, Windows and Virtually ALL Non-Porous Surfaces!

I've always seen these fancy chalk boards with brightly colored chalk on them and wondered how in the world did they do that! I remember going out to eat at one place and the chalk board looking like it was a perfect picture so when given the chance to try out these liquid makers I jumped on it. They come in a 8 pack and are all very bight and lovely colors. But whats best is they dry nicely and even better they wipe off with no worries. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. I will tell you honestly this are the neatest thing I've seen in a while! As soon as these came in the mail I grabbed some chalk board paint and painted a old piece of wood I had laying around so that my  year old could use these we was shocked to see how mess free they are so I thought I would try using these markers on a plastic bucket and see how they did! They did wonderful! I was able to create and then clean with out any worries at all. 


  1. Liquid chalk markers sound so fun! My daughter is getting ready to have a chalkboard wall, so these are perfect for her.

  2. I love the craft you made using them! It's cute and perfect for Easter.