Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fan Blade Designs & GIVEAWAY

True Timber
SKU: 6513
True Timber was created by a South Carolina hunter who saw the ground beneath his feet, photographed it and made it into Camo gear.  His desire to be invisible to big game has been transported to your ceiling fan. Put our TT fan blade covers on while you watch OLN and dream of a five point buck in your sights.  They'll also keep your ceiling fan clean.

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Made in the USA, our fan blade covers are constructed from a quality, lightweight blend of polyester-spandex and dye-sublimated so that color doesn’t fade in the wash.  Sold as a set of five, Fan Blade Designs are machine washable and one size fits all, whether your ceiling fan is 4, 5 or 6 inches at its widest point.

There are so many cool style to choice from Fan Blade Designs has any design you would ever need or want!  I picked out  hunter theme for my boys room.These are really neat you pick your design then they mail it to you in a nicely folded packaged. I then took these out and loved each one over they are all sewn every well and they are easy to install! In fact they was so easy my 13 year old installed them. You just slip them over your fan blades! Whats great is they fit well and are removable in case you want to wash them or change them out at a  later date. We cut the fan on after installing them and they did just great they didn't slip or move any! I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review they are great. 

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