Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Color Chalks, 12 Count

Wicked Crown Temporary Hair Color Chalks, 12 Count
by Wicked Crown

Wicked Crown hair color chalks allow you to create a variety of temporary effects in your hair-at your every whim. Try a few strategically placed splices, or choose a dip dyed or multi colored look, you are in total control. Wicked Crown chalks give you absolute power over your hair color. One application lasts up to 5 washes. 12 colors included: Rose quartz, ruby red, sapphire blue, turquoise blue, opal white, black onyx, chocolate diamond, topaz yellow, emerald green, garnet pink, amethyst violet, coral orange. Tips: Broken chalk will still provide wicked, eye-catching results. For more vibrant color, twist your hair in small strands before color application. To set in color, allow the hair to dry naturally. Seal color with a curling wand. Vibrant colors. Fast and easy application. Colors can be used alone or together.

Wicked Hair Chalks is a great temporary hair color and super easy to use. My 12 year old wanted to add permanent hair color to her hair but I wasn't going to let that happen. I'm all for fun but wanted something that would wash out if needed. So as soon as I saw these hair color chalks I knew we had to try them! You get 12 bight cheerful colors in one box and they are super easy to apply. You rub them on moisten hair then set the look with a curling iron or flat iron. After applying a few colors to her hair I found that it takes a little while to build up color. So you can apply it lightly or You could try what we did! I quickly dipped the chalk stick into a glass of water. Making sure I didn't make a mess I then rubbed in on to her hair. When I did the dip method I found that we got more product on the hair and the colors was a lot brighter. I then set the hair chalk with a flat iron. This color lasted hours and then when it was bed time she showered and all the color came out of her hair while washing. I highly recommend these Wicked hair chalks to anyone who wants a fun look with out the long temp hair dye. I got this product as a sample in exchange for my honest review I feel that these are great and that we will be using them alot. They are fun and super easy to apply.

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Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers - These Chalkboard Paint Pens come in 8 Beauitiful Colors including White, Fine and Chisel 6mm Tip These are the BEST for all your Non-Pourous Glass, Window, Chalkboard, Whiteboard Artistic and Decorative ideas! Great for Restaurants, Bistros, and Bar Signs. Buy Now with 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!
by Ander Blake Company (TM)

FUN! ★: ★: ★: Perfect for ALL Your Creative Artistic and Marketing Needs - Restaurant Specials, Store Sales, Birthdays, Bistro Menus, Weddings, Party and Even Decor and so much more! Everyone Love Liquid Chalk Art!
SAFE! ★: ★: ★: Water-based, Non-Toxic Paint Pens are Easy to Use and Erase in Seconds!
VERSATILE! ★: ★: ★: 6mm Chisel Tip Allows You to Create Fine or Broad Strokes for Your Unique Needs
STAND OUT! ★: ★: ★: Enjoy this Variety of 8 Vibrant Colors including White!
MULTI-USE! ★: ★: ★: Great for use on (NON-Porous) Chalkboards, Glass, Whiteboards, Mirrors, Windows and Virtually ALL Non-Porous Surfaces!

I've always seen these fancy chalk boards with brightly colored chalk on them and wondered how in the world did they do that! I remember going out to eat at one place and the chalk board looking like it was a perfect picture so when given the chance to try out these liquid makers I jumped on it. They come in a 8 pack and are all very bight and lovely colors. But whats best is they dry nicely and even better they wipe off with no worries. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. I will tell you honestly this are the neatest thing I've seen in a while! As soon as these came in the mail I grabbed some chalk board paint and painted a old piece of wood I had laying around so that my  year old could use these we was shocked to see how mess free they are so I thought I would try using these markers on a plastic bucket and see how they did! They did wonderful! I was able to create and then clean with out any worries at all. 

150' Expandable Gorilla Hose

150' Expandable Gorilla Hose, Longest and Strongest Expandable Garden Hose on the Planet. Solid Brass Ends, Double Latex Core, Extra Strength Fabric.
by Gorilla Hose

★LONGEST AND STRONGEST EXPANDABLE HOSE ON THE MARKET TODAY. You will not find a higher quality expandable garden hose anywhere. We have reinvented the expandable hose, after looking at reviews from other expandable hoses and seeing all the issues we went back to the drawing board and created a new product out of the highest quality materials available today and created the all new Gorilla Hose
★LIGHTWEIGHT WILL NOT TWIST TANGLE OR KINK. This hose does everything the other hoses claim only better. Don't waste your hard earned money on products that work for a couple days or weeks then fall apart. Gorilla Hose will provide years of trouble free use.
★SOLID BRASS ENDS. No more leaks around the plastic fittings. Gorilla Hose designed the mold to give you the best brass fittings available today. Don't be fooled by imitations, look for the Gorilla Hose name stamped in solid brass
★INDESTRUCTIBLE DOUBLE LAYER LATEX CORE. We talked to our engineers after hearing about all the other hoses leaking and came up with a product that will hold water at pressures that are out of this world.
★100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for a risk free buying experience. Click Add to Cart Now and Experience the all new Gorilla Hose


Living on a farm I needed a durable water hose that would last but one that is also not kink up while watering the critters or working in the garden. I must say this is a very well made hose and I love that it has brass fittings the plastic ones from other hoses just doesn't seem to last long. This hose is a nice size and it gives out great water pressure. Being that its 150 foot you would think that it wouldn't but it works better than some 25 foot ones I've used in the past. The length is perfect for all our needs. It saves us from adding 2 or more hoses together so we can get the desired length needed. I love that when the water is turned off it shrinks back up so its easy on storage as well. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review over all it works well and seems like it will last a lot longer than hoses I've used before this one.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Loom Bands - 6000 Piece Monster Size Kit

Loom Bands - 6000 Piece Monster Size Kit - Rubber Band Bracelet Refill Packs with Over 200 Clips (10 Rainbow Loom Bands Colors - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, and Orange) - Compatible with All Looms - Individually Wrapped Packages Separated By Color
by Rubber Band Bracelet

SEPARATELY PACKAGED BY COLOR - 600 Each of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Turquoise, and Orange. Individually wrapped by color! 10 individual bags means no color bleed and makes it super easy for kids to organize.
SUPERIOR QUALITY BANDS & SAFE FOR KIDS - 100% Premium Latex-Free Rubber Loom Bands - Super Stretchy, Soft and Durable Rubber Bands Perfect for the Kids! Compatible With All Major Rainbow Loom Brands!
ONLY BUY GENUINE PRODUCTS - If you order RubberBandBracelet brand bands from this page and do not order from BCDE Store (the only authorized seller) please check your products carefully! Full RubberBandBracelet customer support and warranty is only provided by RubberBandBracelet if a genuine product is purchased. You can identify genuine products by finding the RubberBandBracelet packaging and logo on the product.
OUR GUARANTEE - if you aren't happy for any reason you can get a full refund no questions asked or an additional pack sent out to you at no charge (your choice!). Also only valid for genuine RubberBandBracelet brand.

This Monster size kit is full of rubber bands to make up anything that you could dream up! You get 6000 bands in all in every color of the rainbow.  Its a great value and these bands hold up well! My 12 year old had me take her to a local craft store and we bought her a few 200 count bags they cost us more than what this BIG bag cost so its like your getting a few thousand FREE! Now my kids can have hours worth of fun with these bands.  These bands also make great hair ties as well. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. These bands are great! I was very happy to see the amount for the price its the best deal Ive seen. And these are made well with no odor. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Angel Crafts Vinyl

Premium ADHESIVE VINYL MATTE WHITE - 9 IN. X 10 FT. Roll with THICK CORE for Best Cutting, INDOOR / OUTDOOR REMOVABLE and Grid Release Liner Paper for use in Silhouette CAMEO or PORTRAIT, CRICUT & Printers, Signs, Craft Die Cutter Machines for Scrapbooking, Wall Home Decor, by Angel Crafts. 3 YEAR WARRANTY!
by Angel Crafts

PREMIUM INDOOR Removable 3 YEAR DURABILITY or OUTDOOR short term application (depending on weather conditions). MADE IN USA!
DIMENSIONS: 9 INCHES wide X 10 FEET length with 3 mil thickness. / Color: WHITE. / Type: MATTE
GRID RELEASE LINER backing for easy weeding!

I've been using vinyl for years and I've tried all kinds and brands there is out there. Anyone who crafts with vinyl will tell you there is a big difference in quality vinyl verses cheap and TRUST me there is a lot of cheap vinyl out there! This Angel Crafts Vinyl is top of the line vinyl! It cuts smooth pretty lines and it is super easy to weed. Finding a good vinyl that when you used your die machine to cut is key to any projects you have in mind of making. Even if the vinyl cuts a lot of the time its a pain to weed. I can honestly say that with this I was able to weed it with no problems at all. In the past I got some "cheap" vinyl I laid it on my mat cut it out. Then noticed when trying to weed the paper backing wanted to peel off with the vinyl. It was a complete pain! I peeled and peeled the paper backing off only to have the paper fibers stuck to my vinyl cut out. With Angel Craft vinyl you don't have that problem! Its a Oracal 631 vinyl that is worry FREE! Its nice being able to craft with out the worries of cheap vinyl and it saves a lot of time as well. Not only does it weed and come off easy from the paper backing it also lays well. I used clear contact paper as my transfer paper. When I laid my cut out I had no problems with bubbles or it not wanting to stick. I found that it laid well also!. Over all I was very pleased with this brand and will be ordering some really soon!. I got this product as a sample at no charge in exchange for a honest review.

Order your Angel Craft Vinyl here  - Be sure to enter your email and click here for a coupon for $3 off expires tonight at 11:59 3/27/2015 

Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen by iGotTech

Texting Gloves for Smartphone & Touchscreen: Premium Quality Materials, Ultra-Soft Brushed Interior For Comfort & Warmth. Smart Touch-nology in Fingertips Allow Fun, Safe Texting & Smart/iPhone Use Outdoors. Unique 100% Winter-Smart 'Wear-antee'!
by iGotTech

TEXTING GLOVES ~ Decide to type smart in the cold! No more numb fingers in the name of wintertime texting.
SMART TOUCH GLOVES ~ You'll LOVE the luxurious, soft feel of this premium material and brushed interior.
SMARTPHONE GLOVES ~ Buy a couple pairs now! Everyone in the family gets cold outside, but who can let their phone go? You've got 'em covered.
WINTER TOUCHSCREEN GLOVES ~ Our latest "Touch-nology" is all wrapped up in your fingertips for smart, fun, warm smarphone love oudoors.
100% Winter-Smart "Wear-antee"! Don't LOVE our iPhone Gloves for any reason at all? Just let us know for a FULL Refund. Your Satisfaction is our #1 Priority!


But Baby, it's Cold Outside...
Don't let the cold cramp your style! These premium Smart Gloves utilize our most recent "Touch-nology" to keep your fingers cozy, comfortable, and doing all the things warm fingers do best, like:

*texting in the nippy air on your Smartphone
*using a find-my-car app in a freezing parking lot
*placing phone calls during snowball fights with no interruption
*snapping that perfect wintry shot on your iPhone
You'll LOVE how they FEEL...
iGotTech's #1 Best Gloves are made with attention to detail of premium materials for comfort & durability. Enjoy a full Season or more of warm-fingered texting bliss with every pair.

Our Famous 100% Winter-Smart "Wear-antee".
If our #1 Best Gloves construction quality, or anything about our product is not up to par: WE WANT TO KNOW. Our Top Priority is your satisfaction, and stand behind our premium products. If you're not satisfied for any reason, return your purchase for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You literally RISK NOTHING trying this Premium Product Today.

When its cold out side I don't want to take off my gloves for anything! But with my smartphone I have to until I found these gloves that its! They are great! Well made and very soft I like that now I don't need to freeze just to use my phone. My 13 year old tested these out with this tablet. And they work just as well with it too! We couldn't believe these would have ever even worked but they do and you can stay warm too! They are the right size for my hands as well as my 13 year olds son. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter

Magnesium Survival Fire Starter - Water Proof - Military Grade - 12,000+ Strikes - Flammable Shavings - 3,000 Degree Sparks - Best Life Time Warranty
by Pernix Supply Company

EXTREMELY DURABLE - Lasts for OVER 12,000 Strikes, Water Proof, Military Grade
RELIABLE IN ALL CONDITIONS - Guaranteed to Function During ALL Out-Door Endeavours
MAGNESIUM ROD - Creates Scorching HOT Sparks, Produces Fire Instantly
BEST LIFE TIME WARRANTY - This Product is Assured by Pernix Supply Company's Life Time Warranty

With The Help Of The Magnesium Survival Fire Starter, You Will Always Be Ready For ANY Endeavour You Embark On!
• No More Hassle With WET Matches or Lighters
• EASY to Use in ANY Condition, Wet or Dry!
• Compact Design For Convenient Travel
• Accompanied By a Lanyard For Handling Ease
• Lights Campfires, Stoves, and Gas-Barbecues

1. Scrape Off Magnesium Shavings Into a Small Pile.
2. Firmly Hold The Striker Against the Flint at a 30°-45° Angle.
3. Apply Pressure While Sliding the Striker Down the Magnesium Rod, Allowing the Sparks to Land on the Pile.
4. Place Tinder or Paper on the Burning Magnesium Pile and Blow Gently.
5. Once the Tinder Has Ignited, Progressively Add Larger Kindling Until the FIRE Increases!

• Make Sure to Practice in a Controlled Environment Before Hand
• Keep Out of Reach From Children
• Always Put Out Your FIRE


I was making a safety kit and thought this would be very helpful if needed. I had never seen or used one of these before and at first I can say I failed. But once I realized that I needed to hold the flint/striker at a angle with in seconds I had a nice spark! This product is very easy to use and helpful. This Magnesium Survival Fire Starter would be great to have on the go I found that it is helpful having a First Aid kit in my car. And this Fire Starter is just the right size its not too big and you have everything you need in one place. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dragon's Power Batterypack Power

Dragon's power ***NEW*** 3200mAh Portable Lipstick-sized EXTERNAL Battery pack Power bank CHARGER [5V, 1A output], Plug & Play; No button = No hassle; FAST Charging [ultra Bright FLASHLIGHT: high/low/blinking/SOS modes] for Apple iPhone 6, 5, 4, iPad, iPod (lightning Cable not included); HTC Sensation, One (M8); Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, S3, S2, Note, Nexus, LG, Moto, Sony and most Androids. BEST BACKUP for your cell Phone and other USB-Powered mobile Devices - EXTENDED 2 YEARS GUARANTEE
by Dragon's power

SUPER COMPACT - goes in any pocket or bag
Has LONG LIFE: It Can Charge More Than 500 Times Up to 100%
FAST CHARGING: Input/Output: 5V, 1A
KEEP CHARGE For At Least 3 Months when Stand By

I have a love for power battery chargers! They are super handy and compact. I love that this Dragon;s power charger has a light most of all! And talk about looking up at the sun bright! This is a very handy charger. I gave this charger to my dad and he said he really liked that it was so compact and light but most of all that the flashlight on the end was so bight! He was able to look up under his truck hood at night with no extra need for a flashlight. He also has a Samsung S5 and he said that it took no time at all for this power pack to charge his phone. Over all this could be a life saver and is great for on the go. I got this at no charge in exchange for a honest review. 

Wholeness Home Set of 3 Heavy Duty House Paint Brushes

Wholeness Home Set of 3 Heavy Duty House Paint Brushes - 3 Sizes: 1.5, 2inch 3 Inch Sturdy Wood Interior Exterior Paint Brushes
by Wholeness Home

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR THE JOB - 3 Sizes All in ONE SET - 1.5, 2, 3 inch paint brushes
ACRYLICS, LATEX, WATER BASED PAINTS - Smooth Strokes, Sturdy Construction, Durable Bristles
No More Stopping your Projects to look for the next size brush, All in One Set!

As soon as we have a pretty day where I can paint I'm going to use these brushes! I got these at no charge for a honest review.  I love that these came in a 3 pack! I love to paint but hate looking for all my different size brushes. These are going to be perfect for what I have planned! I when a head and tested these on some wood with some old paint I had laying around. They are great I was able to paint smooth lines with little brush marks. They clean well and didn't shed. I plan on using these to paint a old dresser I believe these are going to be all I will need the handles are made well and with 3 choices to pick from.

WHOLENESS HOME Steel Dictionary Book Diversion Safe with Lock

WHOLENESS HOME Steel Dictionary Book Diversion Safe with Lock- The Most Realistic Looking Books Safe - Stash your Valuables in Plain Sight! Weed Out Thieves! Perfect for Homes, Boats, RV's
by Wholeness Home

DON'T BE FOOLED BY LOW COST LOOK-A-LIKES! Other Companies Use the Dictionary Book Name, but They are NOT the SAME - OURS has cloth texture exterior with solid steel interior compartment. Looks Like Any Other Book in your Bookshelf.
Hide your valuables in plain site - MONEY, JEWELRY, Rx BOTTLES, PASSPORT, DOCUMENTS
Perfect for Boats and RV's and Vacation Homes. The most life like looking Book Safe. Home Safe but Kids will Also Love it!
Best Diversion Safe on the Market! Two Keys included, Spare Key at No Extra Charge
Buy With Confidence Knowing You are Protected by a Manufacturer's 100% Money Back Guarantee!

This Steel book safe is just what I needed to start sticking back some dough! Living with 3 kids if they see even a penny they want to pick it up and claim it. NOW!! They can't this safe will not only help me with a rainy day fund but it will also help with little sticky fingers as well. Its a nice size faux book at 4.8 x 2.2 x 7.2 inches. I really like that it has a two keys and how well its made! I noticed that its welded well and would be great for many other uses. Such as having a yard sale or just to protect anything of value. I got this at no charge in exchange for a honest review this safe is light weight and compact! But don't let it fool you its welded and sealed well. The cover even looks like a real book!

AutoBar Review

Our AutoBar is specially designed to make accessing your car easier by offering a sturdy support and protection against potential falls, while getting out of or into your vehicle. The AutoBar fits into 99% of all cars and van’s ‘U’ shaped striker plate. You can also fit the AutoBar neatly inside a rucksack or a handbag allowing you to take it with you, to use in taxis or if a friend is picking you up.

The 3-in-1 AutoBar also provides you with an essential window breaker and seatbelt cutter. These features will assists you in any emergency situation where you are require to smash the vehicles window to escape, or if your seatbelt fails to unplug then you can release yourself from the seatbelt using the blade that is safely placed in its protected position on the underside of the AutoBar handle.

The benefits of choosing AutoBar

Ergonomically designed handle- Giving you comfort when using the AutoBar.
Independence- knowing that you are able to support yourself with confidence when entering or exiting any vehicle.
Peace of mind- Having the security that you have the tools to help yourself escape in an emergency situation.
Guaranteed satisfaction- if for any reason you are unhappy with your AutoBar, we stand by our money back guarantee policy. We pride ourselves for our customer services and will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

The AutoBar is designed to be robust and manufactured from the highest quality materials that will last long into the future.

The benefits of choosing AutoBar

-Ergonomically designed handle- Giving you comfort when using the AutoBar.
-Independence- knowing that you are able to support yourself with confidence when entering or exiting any vehicle.

-Peace of mind- Having the security that you have the tools to help yourself escape in an emergency situation.

-Guaranteed satisfaction- if for any reason you are unhappy with your AutoBar, we stand by our money back guarantee policy. We pride ourselves for our customer services and will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

-The AutoBar is designed to be robust and manufactured from the highest quality materials that will last long into the future. So click ‘add to basket’ and order today.

AutoBar Review

Now talk about one of the coolest tools I've ever seen! At first when I saw it I thought it looks a little odd then after seeing what all it does this tool is super handy! I showed my dad this telling him how you can use the hammer to knock out a window or as a tool to help you get in and out of the car. He then told me he was going to have to see this for his self there's no way this one tool could do so much! Once I showed him. How to place the hammer in the door bracket then to use it as a handle he said that this could be very handy for people of all ages. Then I showed him how well the seat belt cutter worked. It is super easy to use and handy for every day use not only in emergencies.  I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review.