Wednesday, February 25, 2015

True Easy Syringe

ACU-LIFE True Easy Syringe

Ensure accuracy with color-coded dosage
Easy-to-read calibrations
Control the flow of medicine with easy push-top
Oversized grip to easily hold and use
Quick and Easy to clean
BPA Free
The ACU-LIFE True Easy Syringe is a liquid medication dosage device designed to help caretakers administer a safe and precise prescribed dose. The patented True Easy Syringe delivers an accurate dose of medication every time.

When giving medicine to my children I want a accurate reading every time! I don't want to have to second guess did I over give or under give? How dangers that could be with this Ensure dosage you don't need to worry every dose is 100% accurate. With 4 great settings you have no problem finding the perfect dose each time. Its also very easy to use. I got this at no charge for a honest review. We love it! My son doesn't fight me now while taking medicine he begs to help and now that I know I can get the right dose I don't mind him squiring it in this mouth. 

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