Thursday, February 12, 2015

Savvy Living NanoRazor 3" Professional Ceramic Chef's Paring Knife

Savvy Living NanoRazor 3" Professional Ceramic Chef's Paring Knife (8 inch and 6 inch also available) with Free Ceramic Peeler - The most durable ceramic blade on the market - Vegetable and Fruit Cutlery choice by many professional chefs - Thoughtful gift for all occasions (Black)
by Savvy Living
  • Ultra-sharp and gorgeous black blade that stays sharp for years. Delivers effortless, high-precision chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing.
  • High-tech ceramic blade forged under more than 100 tons of pressure, and over 1500ยบ C to make it stronger and less porous than other ceramic blades, so food particles, bacteria, and viruses don't stick to it.
  • Triple polished with diamond wheels for a smooth finish and razor sharp edge. Matching Protective Sleeve is included to help extend blade life time.
  • The bonus ceramic peeler can be re-positioned for both left handed or right handed use.
  • Lightweight and balanced, with a curved, ergonomic, easy-to-grip handle to reduce wrist fatigue. Risk Free, 90-Day, no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee for any reason.

Product Description
Size: 3 IN | Color: Black
If you are looking for an all-around performance ceramic chef knife that is sharp, durable and always gives you the authentic taste of your favorite fruits and vegetables without any metal ions and residues, you have just found the one.  
Ceramic knives are sharper, more lightweight, and much easier to clean than steel ones. However, many people complain that ceramic knives are too fragile, chipping or shattering at the slightest bump. The Savvy Living NanoRazor is made using a special 4-step process which makes our blades sharper, denser, and more durable than those on regular ceramic knives.

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First off I must say I love the paring knife! It cuts well and fits in my hand well. The blade is nicely sharp and the handle is pleasing to my hand. over all 5 stars! But then the bonus peeler. Well I don't like it only because I cant use it. I'm a lefty. My husband is a lefty as well and the way this peeler is made its clearly made for a right handed user. So I cant give my honest thoughts on it. However the knife alone is made well and is worth getting. I got this product during a promotion at no charge for my honest review.

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