Friday, January 2, 2015

Valhalla Travel Sleep Mask

BEST REM Sleep Mask - Soft and Silk-Like With Breathing Vents For Better Sleeping Anywhere - Fully Blocks Light and Sounds - Includes FREE Report "Sleep Smarter", a Sleep Diary , Earplugs And Carry Pouch...
by Valhalla Travel

✔ SAY GOODBYE TO DROWSY MORNINGS - Fully Blocks light and sound with the included earplugs!
✔ LASTS FOR YEARS & INCLUDES 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY - Advanced materials provide a heavy duty construction that is feather-light!
✔ PREVENTS WRINKLING AND SORE EYES - Designed to breath while you sleep with dual air vents, to keep your skin and eyes from drying out!
✔ VASTLY IMPROVES REM SLEEP - The mask won't flatten or come loose as you roll around in your sleep, to allow for unrestricted eye-movement for deeper rest!
✔ BEST VALUE - The mask comes with a carry pouch, ear plugs, The "25 Effective Sleep Secrets" E-book and a sleep diary!
Valhalla Serenity Sleep Mask, Your Shield Against Sleepless Nights!
Your "Level 10 sleep" is under constant attack - especially during hectic travel. The result is loss of focus, health and mood.

• Maintains slight breeze through vents, to prevent dried out skin! 
• Vastly Improves your day through unrestricted REM sleep. 
• Like a dark, cool cave for your eyes! 
Your search for the perfect sleep mask is finally over.. When you purchase the Valhalla Serenity Sleep Mask today here's what you should do: 
When that cute little box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get. Take the Sleep Mask out of the packaging and admire the rich design. 
Now before you go to sleep, place the mask over your eyes and adjust the strap and nose flap. Now notice a cool darkness around your eyes ensuring "level 10" sleep.

What separates Valhalla Goods from the competition?
It's simple really. We are dedicated to improve travelware for effective living. 
We noticed current products falling apart, letting light through, and becoming sweaty. We solved this and combined it with the "Master Sleep" Guide, based on years of research.

Our Better Than Money Guarantee
We share your frustration of spending hard-earned money on products that don't live up to their claims. It's because of this that we're willing to make a guarantee unlike any other:
return it even if it's used for a year. 
If you have ANY issues with our products, let us know and we will leave you smiling. Travel can be stressful enough!

So order the last sleepmask you will ever need, and consider getting two. One for you and one for your very best friend.

Handwashable - No latex - Hypoallergenic - One size fits all
This mask is a little awkward at first. I hate anything on my nose but after wearing a few times I got use to the mask and what little bit covers my nose. It nicely fits any ones face and has ear buds to cover your ears. They are a little large for my ears but store in the head band neatly. This mask does block out any light and doesn't fit snuggle or anything. It's very durable and made to last. I also like that there is no latex & is Hypoallergenic. I got this at no charge for a honest review. 

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