Thursday, January 22, 2015

Simple Baker Silicone Baking Mat for Macaron

Simple Baker Silicone Baking Mat for Macaron - Half Sheet 16-1/2" X 11" - Reusable Non-stick Surface - Bonus Digital Macaron Recipe Book
by The Simple Baker
SIMPLIFY MACARON MAKING with this professional macaron template pre-printed mat! The Simple Baker silicone baking mat comes pre-printed with the most popular macaron template sizes. NO MORE tracing circles on parchment paper or piecing together macaron templates.
Each pattern has 2 sizes for you to use - regular-sized macarons or mini macarons. The pattern also has optional ear patterns for making cute bear macarons to spice things up or to have fun baking with kids!
The PROFESSIONAL mat is thick enough to ensure even distribution of heat so that your food and pastries are baked to perfection. The mat fits the standard half size baking sheets (11-5/8" x 16-1/2"). The corners are cut to ensure that the mat is completely flat with the baking pan.
The mat is produced with FDA and LFGB approved food-grade silicone making it NON-TOXIC and safe to use in the oven. The eco-friendly mat will save you money because it is reusable and durable, unlike parchment paper. The baking mat is also NON-STICK, so no need to add unhealthy grease to your foods. This can be used as a standard silicone mat for baking cookies, whoopie pies, french fries or anything else you can possibly think of!
The baking mat comes with a FREE eBOOK which includes easy-to-follow Macaron Recipes by our pastry chefs at The Simple Baker. This product is backed by the Simple Baker's Money-Back, No Hassle Guarantee. We don't sell anything we don't love using and have tested ourselves. Love our silicone baking mat or get your money back; it's that simple!
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I had never had a Macaron before but seen them at SamClub for $20 a box. Seeing that price and how cute they are made me want to try making some for my self. Because homemade is always better right? Lol So thanks to this Simple Bakers Silicon baking mat I was able to do so. I then went on a hunt for almond flour( who would have know its nothing more than mashed up almonds ) It sat me back around $10 for a bag. Once I got home with my Almond flour I looked up on youtube for a recipe I found a few that was great but went with this one

Macaron Recipe-

3/4 cup Almond Flour
2 1/2 teaspoons Sugar
1 cup Powder sugar
2 eggs

I then mixed the Almond flour and powder sugar in a mixing bowl then I take my egg whites and blended them for 4 to 5 mins with my hand mixer until the eggs are nice and fluffy. Once the eggs are fluffy I then added gel food coloring and the sugar slowly. Once it was well mixed I then blended the Almond flour and the sugar mixture I only stirred around until it looked smooth. I then grabbed a piping bag and added it all to the bag and placed it on the mat. The Silicone baking mat is a life saver! Its just allows me to added just the right amount to make each cookie it guides you along the way allowing you to even make cute little ears for a bear. This Simpler Bakers mat not only is great for a guide its also great because nothing sticks to it! I baked these and didn't use oil or anything when I wanted to pull the cookies up I just lifted them up and I then was ready to add my filling. For my filling I used this recipe.


I made my own cream filling heres what I used 
1/4 cup softened butte
3/4 cup powdered sugar 1/2 cup
1/2 cup of jam My favorite is Strawberry 
2/3 cup of softened cream cheese 

I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review! 

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