Monday, January 12, 2015

Live Well CD By Jeff Gold & Janet Montgomry

Live Well: Designed to Manage Stress and Enhance Relaxation Single
Jeff Gold Janet Montgomery  Format: Audio CD

Conscious thinking, progressive relaxation, changing negative thought patterns and a special guided imagery interactive experience are some of the techniques you will learn to help you relax and take a more positive approach and get the results you want in your life. Certified Hypnotherapist Janet Montgomery brings you proven techniques for managing stress in this relaxing "Guided Imagery" CD. Her soothing voice, accompanied by the mellow sounds of Jeff Gold's instrumental music, will transport you to a place of ultimate peace and regeneration.


Everyone knows that the holidays are stressful! Well for me that are! If they aren't stressful for you count your self blessed! Heck life is stressful! I ordered this CD just before Christmas knowing that would be stressed. Wow that was surely a under statement! We all had the flu at my house! So everything was magnified by 10. I can say this much with all the running around, Christmas shopping up until the very last minute then having to travel here and there. Then fussy tired kids. I must say this CD was really a gift to my self! I can pop it in the CD player cut out the lights and unwind peacefully. with the help of Jeff mellow music and Janet's pleasing voice I can drift off to the land of Zzzz.... Its amazing how Jeff & Janet work together and make a relaxing stress relief CD that's pleasing to listen too. Personally after just 10 to 15 mins I'm in my peaceful care free zone with no worries. Even though the CD is 34:46 mins long I have never stayed awake to hear the full CD. I got this product at no charge in exchange for a honest review. When the kids are restless I also pop in another CD by Janet & Jeff called Sleep well for kids. My 5 year old goes to sleep with it every night! & Now my 12 year old comes and takes it from his room to play in her room. Everyone in our home sleeps well. I am very thankful for no more cranky mornings!
Live Well CD

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