Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good morning! !

Good morning everyone! It's around 9(well it was until my computer crashed) and I'm super lucky because my 5 year old is still asleep. I have him so spoiled he's the baby and will start school in August. So as I enjoy my last few months at home with him I plan on getting him ready for becoming a big boy. Teaching him his numbers, letters, to read. Oh and our phone number and address too. I started looking around for great learning tools to help prepare him for kindergarten and while doing so I have began to wonder what will I do? Go back to school? Get a job?? I'm almost 33 and am not sure what I want to be when I grow up! ( yes! I'm not grown I'm still learning I hope to really never grow up even if I have too!) Life is fun and full of great adventures. While exploring this morning I thought I would share some great things that we will be doing as we prepare for out future.

Here's one link I found helpful. 71-things your child needs to know before kindergarten 71! wow I thought that was alot of things and really it is most of the things listed are very helpful. Here is a super cute work sheet I plan on working with him to day as well as writing his name. Candy heart coloring pages.
Is there any tips or things I should be preparing for that I may not remember? Now that my oldest two are in middle school Kindergarten seemed like it was ages ago. Please feel free to leave me a comment or contact me.

 Here's to a happy day


  1. You should really consider taking your son off the dogfood now.... ;) LOL

    1. Lol Yes Well that's really coco puffs and Scooby Doo gramcrackers. Aka his puppy chow LOL