Saturday, January 31, 2015

500 BPA Free Disposable Poly PE Gloves Large, Food Grade

500 BPA Free Disposable Poly PE Gloves Large, Food Grade
by Gorilla Supply
BPA Free
15 micron thickness LDPE
FDA, E.U APPROVED (21 CFR 177.1520, 1186 EN 13130)
500 gloves
Gorilla Supply Polyethylene Gloves are made from non-allergenic material, and BPA Chemical free mate
My family loves cream cheese and bacon stuffed jalapeno peppers! We eat them all the time well we did up until I got some that was too hot and they burned my hands. Now talk about pain! My hands was burned so badly that I had to stick my hand in milk and ice for over 13 hours and nothing I did seemed to help! After my hand soaked all those hours it never even wrinkled up. It was awful! So since the worst burn of my life I made a rule I would never cut another pepper again until I found some gloves that work. And boy did I find the perfect gloves! These fit my hands as well as my 12 year old's they are made well. Yet disposable. I tried to use rubber gloves and they didn't seem to work as well as these do. I love that these are food safe. They are easy to slide on and they don't slip off. I am also happy with the amount that comes in the box as well. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review.
500 count gloves

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