Friday, January 9, 2015

Epica Folding Step Stool

Epica Folding Step Stool
by EPI

Adds 9" to your vertical reach, great for kids
9" x 11" platform with anti-slip surface
Folds flat for easy storage, unfolds with one hand
Carrying handle
Holds up to 350 lbs.
From the kitchen to the SUV, anywhere you need a step up the Epica steps in, then folds away in a flash when its job is done. A handy helper for children and "vertically challenged" adults to reach high shelves and fixtures, or get easily into tall beds and vehicles, you'll wonder how you ever did without it!
Folds and Unfolds with One Hand
For ease of use, the Epica Folding Step Stool can't be beat. To unfold it, simply tilt it and the leg hinges automatically swing open and snap into place. To fold, just pull up on the handles.

Easy to Carry and Store
Built-in handles let even kids carry the Epica with ease. Plus, it can be stored just about anywhere. Folded, it's less than 2" wide, perfect for fitting into the tiny space between a wall and a piece of furniture or kitchen appliance, or riding in the trunk of your car.

Anti-Slip Dots for Secure Footing
Minimizing the risk of slips and falls, the Epica's platform is covered with large, textured discs. It's also easier to keep your balance, thanks to the platform's 9" x 11"size which gives your entire foot room to stand without heels or toes hanging off the edges.

Lightweight, Yet Stable
This heavy-duty plastic step stool can handle up to 350 lbs. without wobbling, yet it's lightweight enough to easily pick up and carry to wherever you need it.


This step stool is little, portable and MIGHTY! I would have never guessed that this step stool would have held up to 350 lbs! That's a lot of weight for such a light weight item. I thought well Ill put it to test so I placed a wooden board on it and then weighted my self and my 13 year old soon & 5 year old. Now we didn't meet the 350 weight limit and the test was just to see if it would hold us and thats just what it did! I love that this Epica step stool is so easy to move and that it closes up for easy storage. My 5 year old son uses this stool daily to brush his teeth and wash his hands. Its not too heavy for him in-fact he wants to tote it all though out the house and use it as a seat. I also like that its just the right height for me to change a light bulb being 5'5 I like that I can reach and change the light bulbs with out pulling out a chair. I got this stool at no charge for my honest views I think its a great stool. 

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