Thursday, January 29, 2015

BrillanteTM Clear G40 Globe Indoor / Outdoor String Lights

BrillanteTM Clear G40 Globe Indoor / Outdoor String Lights - Add a Warm Glow to Your Patio, Wedding, Party or Bedroom - 25 Incandescent Bulbs Per Set
by Brillante
THESE STRING LIGHTS ARE FOR YOU IF: You would like to add a warm ambiance to your patio, wedding, party, bedroom or living room. You'll love these lights! Because they are intended for indoor and outdoor use they are a great way to add a whole new level of charm to your home or event.
STURDY PACKAGING FOR SAFE SHIPPING - Some other lights come in flimsy boxes that don't do a good job protecting the glass bulbs. In contrast these Brillante brand lights are packaged in sturdy, protective packaging for safe delivery.
INCANDESCENT BULBS HAVE A WARMER, FRIENDLIER GLOW - Unlike most LED style bulbs the incandescent bulbs included with this set of string lights have a classic, warm glow reminiscent of the popular vintage Edison-style bulb.
BACKED WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE & GUARANTEE - We're always here to help you with your order of Brillante products and want to make sure you're happy. If you need replacement bulbs for any reason up to 60 days from purchase don't worry. It's on us.
ENERGY EFFICIENT & EXPANDABLE - Each strand of lights uses only 125 watts of electricity and the strings are designed to connect up to two 25 foot sets together for a total length of 50 feet

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These lights are better than I thought!! They are clear and just the right length and size for what I have in mind. I have been planning on making my 

own sign marquee these lights will work perfectly for what I have in mind. Now I just need to get my Cricut out and cut out the design. The light bulbs are fun shaped and are pleasing to the eye. And the cord is just the right length to work with I love that the bulbs are spaced out and not too close together. NOW the packaging is something I must tell you about!!! These was in a box but whats best is that each little bulb is protected and so that while in shipment you don't have to worry about these getting to you safely. I got these at no charge in exchange for a honest review. I honest cant wait to start crafting and to use these cool lights. 

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