Saturday, January 3, 2015

BayBay Online Website

Hey Y'all! I just wanted to share this great company I stumbled upon they are Israel based and over shipping world wide to over 200 countries. They offer many products at lowest prices to be found. They offer all sorts of products in these categories Home Products, Health & Beauty, Home Design, Kitchen & Dining, Soda Stream and Cosmetics.
Also they take PayPal as payment so you don't have to worry about passing out your credit card. This Baybuys seems little a very upstanding company. They have great customer service that is welling to help you with any of your questions or needs.
This company also offers a Facebook page to help keep up to date on products that are out of stock. 

While browsing the site over I saw many products that I would love to test out my self such as the dead sea soaps and body scrubs and then some of the kitchen items I am dying to try out.
Its really cool that most of these products are under $20 price range.

I did notice while ordering all products that would be mailed -Registered Airmail - With Tracking Number (Israel Post Time) Weight limit of each Airmail or Registered Airmail parcel is 2KG. If your parcel is more than 2KG, we will seperate your parcel into 2 or more parcels automaticlly. - See more at:

I think that's its really great that they offer tracking I can't tell you how many times I've ordered products from other counties and they never gave me a tracking number. So then I would have to wait not knowing where my packages was.

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