Saturday, January 3, 2015

Auto Seat Back Protector by Dot&Dot

Auto Seat Back Protector by Dot&Dot - Largest Luxury Car Kic
k Mats Fits Most Vehicles - Washable, Water Resistant Car Seat Covers Protects Your Car Seats from Moisture, Dirt, Stains and Scuff Marks (One Pack, Black)
by Dot&Dot
EXTRA-LARGE KICK MATS provide better coverage for your upholstered or leather car seats. Each car seat back protector is 47x60 CM (18.5x23.6 inches)
Made of high quality, durable materials that would LAST A LIFETIME.
EASY TO CLEAN. The water resistant and non-absorbent surface protects your car seat from moisture, dirt, stains, scuff marks. Easily clean dirt with wipes or wash with cold water and mild detergent.
EASY TO INSTALL. Easily fastens securely at the headrest and bottom of the seats using adjustable straps. Designed to fit most vehicles, even SUVs.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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This back sear protector is a life saver! having a 5 year old and living on a farm I cant tell you how many times I've gotten mud or who knows what else on the back of my seat. With short legs its hard to keep his legs out of the way and with the help of Dot & dots seat protector I no longer have to worry! Its easy to clean and made to last. I got this at no charge for a honest review I love dot & dot and all the products I've tried so far

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  1. I didn't even know these existed. What a great idea! My girls are still rear-facing, but I'm definitely keeping these in mind for when we turn their car seats around.