Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Toraysee Lens Cloth

Toraysee Lens Cloth | Gray | 100% Lint Free | Made in Japan | Lifts and Removes All Skin Oil From Lenses, Glasses and Optics Without Chemicals by Toray International

Get the only lens cloth that's produced with as much care and expertise as the lenses you will be cleaning.
Scientifically designed to safely and completely clean today's coated and uncoated optical surfaces. Manufactured in a modern Japanese facility under strict ISO standards by the company that invented microfiber.
Created ultra-thin for getting into tight places yet safely removes 4 times more oily films and fingerprints than cloths 10 times thicker.
Virtually indestructible, completely washable, and 100% lint free!
Keep a separate one for your eyewear and expensive optics, a second for messy hand held displays. Whatever you're looking through, our cloths make it clearer!

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I worked at a optical store a few years ago so I've seen just about every cleaning cloth that is out there. I have yet so see one that was made to last up until I ordered this one Its very durable and does a great job cleaning your lens with out making any scratches or marks. It does a great job on greasy finger prints too! I've washed this Toraysee cloth each time after use and it cleaned well and was ready for use again in no time. I got this cloth at no charge for a honest review. It works great! 

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