Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sleep Well for Kids Relax at Bedtime CD & GIVEAWAY

Sleep Well for Kids - Relax at Bedtime Single

Sleep Well for Kids features the silky voice and soothing guided imagery written and performed by Janet Montgomery CH.t. Mixed with Jeff Gold's beautifully relaxing melodies, they combine to create a nurturing atmosphere that can help children & their parents drift off to sleep.
Janet guides you on a leisurely stroll through her neighborhood to a farm where we are introduced to a variety of friends with a simple message of kindness to all animals, and respect for nature as we are relaxed to sleep.
Jeff Gold
Janet Montgomery
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Sleep Well CD is a wonderful soothing and relaxing way to help you get that much needed rest. At first when I saw this CD I thought this is surely not going to work. I know my kids and this isn't going to help. Well I must say I did laugh when I read on the CD do not listen to while driving. Then I was was thankful I read the case after listening to this CD I fell asleep with in 2 mins!

I was shocked! and a little disappointed that I didn't listen to the full CD thinking its only 30 mins long. The next night I played the CD for my son who is 5 and my nephew who is 2. My nephew is a co sleeper and sleeps with his mother every night. Normally I have to fight with him rock him, hold him and pray he will go so sleep so that I may get some rest. AS SOON AS I CUT THE SLEEP WELL ON THAT'S JUST WHAT WE DID!

On the 3rd night I thought to my self I'm doing something wrong I know I can out last at least 15 mins. So I laid in bed and played on my cell phone just before I knew it I zoned out and Janet had gotten the me!! Again.!.!.! I had dropped my phone on my face! OUCH! Not only does this Sleep Well CD help with relaxing and promote a good nights rest it also works on everyone who has listened to it so far. I got this product at no charge for a honest review. We really enjoy this CD and use it regularly it really helps. The soft sound of music is very soothing as well.
Sleep Well CD for kids

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