Friday, December 26, 2014

RiF6 4 Port USB charger

4 Port USB Fast Charger for Smartphones (Compatible with Apple and Samsung), Tablets and Other Devices - One 5V/2A Port and Three 5V/1A Ports - Comes with Multi Color Interchangeable Ribbons By RIF6 (TM)

by RIF6
  • Charge up to 4 USB powered devices at once - Short Circuit / Over Charge / Over Heat protection
  • Charge your Digital Camera, Smartphone, GPS, MP3 player, eBook, Tablet, etc..
  • Multi voltage for over 150 countries - Perfect for Business or Leisure travelers
  • One 5 Volts / 2 Amp. port -- Three 5 Volts / 1 Amp. port - Intelligent power distribution
  • Comes with different 3 different color plastic bands that can easily be replaced
It seems like every new electroinc my kids got for Christmas needed a charger but didn't come with a wall charger only a USB port. Nothing to plug into the wall outlet. I have had a hard time up until we got this RIF6 4 port USB charger it covers all of our needs! Having 3 kids and a smart phone all 4 ports are used all the time! In fact at our Christmas party this year everyone was needing to plug up their cell phones or tablets and this RiF6 saved the day! Everyone was so happy to see that it charged so many items so fast and how well it was made! I love the colored bands around the out side it helps me keep up with what port is mine from the kids. I got this product at no charge for my honest review my family loves this and uses it daily. 

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