Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Car Sun Shade

✯Car Sun Shades - Cool & Protected From Hot Sun By Shade-It - A Car Sun Shade Visor For Your Windshield & UV Ray Protector✯The One You Can Trust - Picture An Easy To Use Sun Shade With No More Hassle✯

✓Keeps you and your children comforted from the heat!
✓Shields vehicle from harmful UV rays - Protects automobile from interior damage!
✓Easy & Convenient to use - Retractable style folds down into stylish pouch!
✓Fits all Cars and SUV windshields perfectly - 59.1*27.6 inches!
✓Buy with Confidence - 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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I haven't ordered yet but I am thinking about getting this for my suv. No one likes hot leather seats in the summer. This is on my want list. 
Here's a 50% off promotion which ends on Jan9/15.
 The code they will need to use for this promo is:shade100.
Enjoli :)

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