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True Lemon brand products & GIVEAWAY

True Citrus is one of the best companies I've ever seen! They are a small company who love citrus and helping feed America. Not only do the have wonderful products they are a very caring company who goes above and beyond. It's unheard of 
companies doing all they do! They are based here in the good ole USA! Finding companies that are based here not only make me want to buy their products  more but to see that they support people who live here make me happy to see that they are such a caring company! 

This company is doing all they can for America and have a new partnership with Feeding America. They are going to donate 1 MILLION MEALS to feed a America over the next year! And would love for the customers to join in. Please go to and enter your codes now! 

I contacted True Citrus about doing a review for some of their products. I told them I had just began blogging and would love to try anything they would like for me to review. Not expecting them to contact me back but then they did! Not only did they contact me back quickly they also was more than happy to mail me some products. Thinking they would send me a sample of packet of just the lemon I was shocked to see the size of the box once the mail ran! Talk about going above and beyond! I got this HUGE box of goodies to test out. 
 All the goodies I was sent! 

What is True Lemon you ask? True Lemon is just that Lemon it is made of
 100% Natural ingredients. One packet is equal to the taste of one lemon wedge. There isn't any calories, fat or sodium! They sell the Crystallized Lemon in two packages a 32 count packet and then the shaker. 
Here I used the Lemon in my sweet tea. It tasted as if I had a real wedge but with out the pulp or seeds. :)

I used the True Lime in my homemade hash browns 

True Orange is one of my favorite flavors there is in fact I love the flavor of oranges its taste is sweet but not too sweet it reminds me of pixie sticks but in a much mature adult way. I've been caught with these in my purse and when I have a sweet tooth. LOL well these almost taste like the sweet candy I crave but with out all of the bad stuff I don't need or want! With no sugar in these little packets I don't feel guilty. These are sold in a 32 count packet as well. 
True Lime is wonderful for a twang taste your craving and is great for cooking and even great to flavor your favor beer. A friend of mine loves Corona brand beer and always is grabbing limes well if your not in your local grocery store then your not always able to get those limes with this Lime packets or shaker you can always have that flavor on the go. 
Now who doesn't love Lemon Peppered chicken? Oh Everyone at my house does! We love it so much I didn't even get to take a photo of it cooked! As a teen I used to babysit a little girl who would beg me to make her Lemon Peppered sweet peas! That's right! Lemon Peppered sweet peas Ya! I know you are sitting there thinking how gross! Oh but let me tell you! It's divine! When you feel like your getting bored with cooking try it! Its still a fave of mine all these years later. Now with this True Lemon brand of Lemon Pepper there isn't anything in it but goodness! 100% d-lish!

I've been wanting to step out and try making dehydrate okra chips. I love eating healthy and with True Lemon brand products I can! These was so good! I sprinkled a little water on the okra then stuck them in my dehydrator they covered them well in this Lime, Garlic & Cilantro. They came out crispy was loved by all! 

This seasoning is also great on roasted bake potatoes 

Orange Ginger chicken anyone? Now you don't have to run to a Chinese restaurant to get your favorite orange ginger sesame chicken. You can now make it a home.
Now there are a few great flavors that True Lemon makes thats great for flavoring your water but this Grapefruit is my all time fave! It is perfect it taste like I freshly squeezed a grapefruit. 

Here is a list of other great flavors 
True Lemonade 
True Raspberry Lemonade
True Lemon Iced Tea
True Black Cherry Limeade 
True Peach Lemonade 
True Orange Mango 

With such a great verity of products and at such a low price I would suggest trying them all! You'll be glad you did!

Here is a list I saw on the web site of neat ways you can try True Lemon produtcts. 

  1. Drink more water (without changing your water into something sweetened)! Add a packet to a full glass or bottle (10 to 20 ounces) of cold water. (Like a stronger taste? Add two packets.)
  2. Carry them with you so you always have fresh citrus taste on hand.
  3. Use in place of lemon, lime or orange juice in recipes. (1 packet = 1 tablespoon of juice or, for a stronger taste, 2 packets = 1 tablespoon of juice) Mix it up , combine True Lemon with True Lime; True Orange with True Lemon or find your favorite combo!
  4. Make True Lemon-ade, True Lime-ade and True Orange-ade by combining with your favorite sweetener in a glass or pitcher.
  5. Make food pop! Use True Lemon or True Lime as a salt-substitute to add flavor to food without adding salt.
  6. Add to iced or hot teas.
  7. Add to sparkling water or your favorite seltzer or soda* (10 to 20 ounces).
  8. Replace fresh citrus in your favorite drink or cocktail.
  9. Sprinkle True Lemon on broccoli, green beans, peas or other vegetables instead of salt.
  10. Use as a rub or seasoning on seafood, meat or chicken.
  11. Make lemon or lime butter by adding to butter or a butter substitute.
  12. Sprinkle True Lime on popcorn or tortilla chips.
  13. Add True Lemon to tuna fish.
  14. Sprinkle True Lemon on fresh fruits, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries, etc.
  15. Make flavored ice-cubes. Add True Lemon, True Lime or True Orange to water and then pour into ice cube trays for flavorful ice!
  16. Straight Up! Pour a packet directly in your mouth for a citrus kick!
  17. Add some extra packets of True Lemon to a pre-made lemon cake or lemon bar mix to give it an extra lemon punch!
  18. Sprinkle True Orange on vanilla ice cream or ice cream substitute.
  19. Sprinkle True Lemon on apples, avocados or any fruit to stop browning.
For more information please check out their web site at

They have tons of great recipes, and information on all they do and offer. 

Since True Lemon was so kind to bless me with so many packages. I'm going to offer a giveaway! I'm going to give away a sample of each drink mixes to of my lucky followers  Please enter below!

True Lemon Samples


  1. Sounds like a great company. Thanks for sharing. I use lemon pepper on our chicken. Great ideas here.

  2. I want to try the Raspberry Lemonade. I would bake some chicken with the seasonings.

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  4. All of them sounds awesome. We use different stuff to add to our water to drink that will be great, I use seasons to cook with all them I would use,

  5. I would use the TrueLime for Thai dishes and Vietnamese Pho soup.

  6. Sounds yummy never seen this before. Thank you

  7. I loved your review! I had never heard of True Lemon before but I am very intrigued right now. I would love tomake the True Lemon Balsamic Strawberries with Whipped Mascarpone Cheese!! Thank you so much for the chance :)