Sunday, November 30, 2014

Remote Control Race Car

Mini Remote Control Car for Kids - Powerful Electric RC Toy Car - 15 MPH - 2.4GHz (Blue)

  • Powerful Stunt Capabilities, Flips And A Lot More, Includes 1 Stunt Pad For Jumping
  • Fastest Speed-Up To 15 MPH In 3 Seconds, Battery Time About 15 Minutes
  • Includes Self Car Charger With 4 AA Batteries +USB Charger + 9v 6f22 Extra Heavy Duty Battery For Tr
  • Functions ,Forward Backwards - Right Left.
  • Perform High Speed Stunts such as "Long Jumps" "Back Flips" Whirl Inside a Tube or Bucket! Rear Spri

Start experiencing real fun with this new Remote Control mini buggy electric racing car,
Now is the chance for indoor speeding! You could speed up with this tiny car to 15 MPH in 3 seconds.
The 2.4 GHz technology gives you the ability to enjoy playing with your friends up to 100 cars in the same time without interference. Bring fun to the next level!
Use the jumping platform pad from the package to perform high speed stunts and jumping, have even more fun by making your own u shape jumping platform to perform back flip; has great rear spring shocks.
The car could climb up from the bottom of a bucket through circling the bucket walls, or use a circle tube with a diameter of 20cm to 40cm.
The car could go all directions- Forward/Backwards - Right/Left, There is a direction regulator in the bottom of the car that give you the ability to adjust the car direction to always turn one direction or the other.
Climbs up easily steep slopes with its rubber wheels, makes flips, stunts and much more.
The car internal battery life will run for about 15 minutes, car charging time is 30 to 40 minutes.
Package includes: Blue RC Car - Transmitter - Car power self charger device (4 AA Batteries included) - USB car charger - 9V Battery for the remote transmitter - 2 Metal Protection Ring wires (The car can be ran with or without it) - cardboard stunt jumping platform - user manual. Car dimensions: L 4.5 inches W 3 inches H 2 inches

This mini remote race car is super cool! Its nice and small and does a lot for its size. My boys had a blast playing with this car and even liked it better and some old remote control cars they had in the past. Both boys really liked the size and said it does a lot more tricks what the size is great for all the stunts that they was trying out. Even tho my boys was ruff with it this toy lasted and didn't break or tear up. Its nice seeing that there is quality toys still being made. 
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Glasstic Bottle & Giveaway!

The Glasstic Bottle is made for everyone:
  • Protected BPA-Free Tritan copolyester plastic.
  • 3rd party testing.
  • Easy cleaning – the bottle disassembles for easy
    hand or machine washing.
  • Flip cap to make drinking on the go easy.
  • Works equally well with both cold and hot drinks.
I love water bottles and thought I had a favorite bottle until I wanted to drink some coffee and was on my way out the door. As I dug around looking though out my kitchen I realized I have a problem! I love having a bottle that I can carry with me on the go. Just like my glass I use. Yes my Glass! I have a glass that I drink out of I love it. If I want sweet tea or ice water I always drink out of this one glass. Now the kids have a lot of plastic cups but with a cup its plastic it doesn't have the same feeling as a nice glass cup. With a glass cup you know when its clean its crystal clear * there isn't ever a plastic taste, yuck!!! When am on the go I want to be able to drink out of a bottle that I can carry with me. Now that I have found Glasstic I can!! Glasstic is a bottle that does NOT limit you! Walking out the door and want to bring your coffee? Its not a problem like many other bottles out there. Want to bring icee? Not a problem. It doesn't  matter where your going to the park, beach, or a play ground. With Glasstic there are no worries and your not limited anything. Yes Glasstic bottle is Glass! But don't worry! The out side is a BPA-FREE plastic cover that protects the glass. So there is no worrying about what if the glass happens to break. If you happen to break you Glasstic bottle with in the first year they will replace it the glass free of charge not only will they back these bottles they have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! I love that its also super easy to take apart to clean.These bottles come in many different styles and prints order yours here at

I have been told that I can give away one to one lucky viewer of my blog so please be sure to enter!

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Glasstic Bottle

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel - Super Absorbent and Quick Drying! Camping, Beach, Pool, Gym or Bath. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! by Youphoria Sport
  • MAXIMIZE SPACE AND PACK MORE: The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is extremely light-weight and compact and is the ULTIMATE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE TOWEL. The compact design enables you to conveniently pack and take it anywhere! These towels pack 5X smaller than a traditional terry cloth towel. Available in 3 sizes: 20x40, 28x56, and 32x72.
  • FAST DRYING AND SUPER ABSORBENT: The Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is made of 100% MicroFiber and dries up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth towels. MicroFiber can hold up to 4X its weight in water, so it is every bit as absorbent as a standard cotton towel, but only a fraction of the weight.
  • CONVENIENT HANGING LOOP: With a Convenient Hanging Loop you won't have to worry about finding a place to dry your Youphoria Sport Travel Towel. Rest assured that you can easily hang dry the towel anywhere for the fastest drying, leaving the towel fresh and ready for your next use. Never again worry about a dirty towel that fell on the ground at your campsite, at the gym, or at the pool.
  • MULTI-USE MAKES FOR THE PERFECT GIFT: The most exciting thing about the Youphoria Sport Travel Towel is that it has so many practical uses! Whether you are at the Gym, playing a round of Golf, relaxing at the Beach, hiking the Swiss Alps, or packing for your next Expedition across the globe, this towel is PERFECT FOR ANY SITUATION! This is why it makes the PERFECT GIFT for anyone living an active lifestyle.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We believe you should make the final decision on quality and performance! You can BUY WITH CONFIDENCE because Your Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can easily reach out to us for our Hassle-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, leaving you with ZERO RISK to try out this awesome towel for yourself!
Youphoria Sport and Travel Towels give you everything you expect from a towel, and more!
Youphoria Sport Towels provide a super absorbent Stay-Dry technology, are hypo-allergenic, and absorb 7 times it's weight in water (or sweat!).
Available in 3 convenient sizes: Great for any situation!
- 20" x 40"
- 28" x 56"
- 32" x 72"
This versatile towel will quickly become your favorite home and travel accessory...Any of these activities sound familiar?
- Backpacking Towel - Camping Towel - Golf Towel - Sport Towel - Gym Workout Towel - Yoga Towel - Pilates Towel - Swim Towel
- Beach Towel - Pool Towel - Picnic Towel - Bath Towel - Concert Towel
This Youphoria Sport towel will quickly become your favorite yoga accessory. Whether you are a travel enthusiast, avid golfer, workout junkie, committed yogi or you just want a nice towel to catch some rays on by the pool, this is the towel for you! Designed for sport enthusiasts for its compact design, smooth touch and absorbency performance, we can assure you that this towel will out perform your other options, or your money back!
Youphoria Sport 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
NO RISK. High reward!

This Youphoria sports towel is super lovely! It holds a lot and makes clean up easy. I had this towel in the car so I could use at the when I go to work out well my son spilled his drink and cleaned it up with my towel It was super handy having the towel with us. Even tho I didn't plan on my towel being used for my children's mess its part of life I guess what ever is mine is theirs too. This towel saved my seats and made clean up easy. We was shocked to see that it cleaned up so much. Being a thin light weight towel its almost hard too believe how much this towel will hold or clean. Since then I have washed it and was very happy to see that it cleaned well. There was no stains or anything! 

Friday, November 28, 2014

Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape - Black 2 Inch - 30 Yards

Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape - Black 2 Inch - 30 Yards - Heavy Duty Pro Gaff Tape - Strong, Tough and Powerful, Secures Cables, Holds Down Wires Leaving No Sticky Residue - Very Easy to Tear - Non- Reflective - Water Proof - Multipurpose for Around the House - Better Than Duct Tape - For the True Professional. Order Risk Free. GafferPower©

  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE GAFFER TAPE - this tape is what the pro's use and matches up to any gaffer tape out there. It is industry standard, premium gaffer tape. BETTER THAN DUCT TAPE - Never tried gaffer tape? Try it once and you'll see for yourself. Does what duct tape can do without leaving a mess and destroying whatever it is it's stuck to.
  • YOUR GEAR, CABLES, AND SURFACE ARE SAFE AND INTACT- Whatever you use Gaffer Power on, it holds it down solid but is very easily taken off, leaving no stickiness. The adhesive will not peal back up. Your gear, cables or whatever surface it is used on will remain protected and completely undamaged.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE, EASY TO RIP AND TEAR AND FULLY WATERPROOF - Using it on set or stage? No worries, it blends discreetly in the background, you won't even know it's there; need just a few inches, or several little sticks? No sweat and no scissors needed here. Very easily rips in two, three, four or more. This a strong, tough, cotton cloth pressure-sensitive tape with strong adhesive properties.
  • GREAT AROUND THE HOUSE, ESSENTIALTO ANY TOOLBOX - the uses are endless; secure your computer, TV or any other cables down to the floor out of harms way; tape doors and windows to prevent draughts, secure boxes, fix appliances; Gaffer Power has hundreds of uses around the home, workshop,'s even used for boat and car repairs!
  • ORDER TODAY RISK FREE - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We sell the best gaffer tape out there and if you're not satisfied, we back it up with a full refund. Your roll will arrive in a plastic bag in perfect condition. MADE IN THE USA - As any great quality gaffer tape should be!

I had never even heard of Gaffer tape until I saw this! It really is better than duct tape. I like that its sticky but not overly sticky its just right. This tape holds well and doesn't pull off the paint on your walls or leave a nasty sticky residue. Although my husband wants this tape for his tool box! hes not getting it! its going in my craft room! This tape works great crafting with vinyl, paper. But I like to use it on my old cricut and cameo mats when they lose there sticky this tape is a life saver it holds what ever I'm cutting in place. 

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Cool One Beer/Soda bottle cooler

Beer Chiller Stick 2 pack - Cools Beer Instantly - New, Instant, Awesome Way To Chill Your Beverage Fast

  • • BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! 50% OFF!!!
  • • EASY TO USE - Our Beer Chiller is extremely easy to use - just freeze for 45 min at least, insert in your beer bottle and drink cool beer to the last sip! It's also easy to clean and can be stored in the freezer. It fits most beer bottles, some soft drink bottles and some wine bottles! • DURABLE - Our beer bottle chiller is also exceptionally durable and sturdy for prolonged use. On top of that, it's 100% FDA compliant, eco-friendly and BPA Free!
  • • NO MORE WARM BEER - The beer chiller is perfect for both formal and informal events, including parties and meetings as well as anytime you just want to relax with a cold beer instantly! Makes an awesome present for beer lovers! Saves hours of cooling beers in the fridge! Keeps your beer cool for longer!
  • • FREE EBOOK - Buy the "Cool One" Beer Chiller set now and get a FREE BEER-Cocktails eBOOK with your purchase. This is a MUST HAVE for Beer Lovers! Contains over 14 awesome cocktails that prove mixing beer is a great idea!
  • • SPECIAL PRICE - Order your set of 2 "Cool One" Premium Beer Chillers for a special low price while you can. The current great price is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! This beer chiller is normally valued at over $30! Plus, buy a second set for a friend (Great Gift) and get FREE SHIPPING! Just click add to cart to order. Your purchase will be backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
Beer Chiller Cools Your Beer Anytime Instantly! 

Stop settling for warm or barely cool beer when you are craving an ice-cold one. This beer bottle chiller lets you have a COLD BEER whenever you want, INSTANTLY! 

How many times have you come home craving a cold beer only to find there are none left in the fridge and if you put one in the freezer it will take at least 40 minutes before it starts cooling? 

Well, now you can say GOODBYE for good to having to drink warm beer thanks to our "Cool One" Beer Chiller! 

Cool One Beer Bottle Chillers are the most convenient and effective option for having a chilled beer instantly. One Cool One Beer Chiller will cool your beer and allow you to drink it at the same time! 

Simply keep your beer chiller in the freezer, then when you need one, grab it and place it inside your beer, press firmly to create an airtight seal and it immediately starts cooling your beer from the inside. 

Our beer chillers are: 
-Effective, easy to use and time saving. 
-Exceptional durable and sturdy for prolonged use. 
-Perfect for events, parties, meetings. 
-Made of high quality stainless steel 
-Easy To Clean. 
-100% FDA compliant, eco-friendly and BPA Free! 
-Make a great gift! 

"Cool One" Keeps your drinks cold from the first sip to the very last. 
Order now the first 500 buyers will get an Awesome FREE BEER-COCKTAILS EBOOK as soon as your purchase is made. 
Plus, your purchase will be backed by a 30-day money-back, no questions asked GUARANTEE! 

CoolOne is a perfect gift for the men in your life! My husband and Dad both saw these and had a fit over how neat they was. They both like the fact that you can have a hot beer or coke bottle cool in no time! We stick these in the freezer and leave them just so they are ready when we need them. I cant even count how many times my brother has came over pulled out my bowls. Grabbed ice, then poured salt all around his beer bottle just so it would cool off fast enough to enjoy one with the guys. This CoolOne there's no need to dirt up bowls, have ice on hand or salt and they cool your drink right then!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Liberty Belle Nightgown for American girl dolls

Amazing Doll Clothes for American Girl - 18-inch Best Quality Blue Bunny Nightgown - Great Fit for Our Generation Dolls - Sophia's Style Baby Doll Print Knit Nightgown Handmade - Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

  • ★ Your little one will be so excited to unwrap our super soft, Teddy Bear Nightgown. These American Girl style print Doll Clothes come with a bonus blue hair ribbon, so your little doll has the perfect doll clothes outfit for sleeping at night! Playtime Lasts Forever with our High Quality Cloth!
  • ★ Don't ever limit your little girl's playtime, or worry about wearing out your outfit! After unwrapping your American Girl style nightgown, our goal is that it last for years. Liberty Belle doll clothes are made from the highest quality materials and are expertly hand stitched. We guarantee the doll clothes for the life of your little doll. If your doll clothes rip or tear, we replace them for you!
  • ★ Our fabulous American Girl style doll clothes are handmade, with only the highest quality stitching and fasteners. Your little girl will have no trouble swapping out her doll clothes, thanks to our simple to use Velcro back fastening. Simply pull apart the fastening put the clothes on, and then fasten the Velcro back together! How easy is that?
  • ★ Your little doll will look her best with Liberty Belle doll clothes. Our classic style and cut will have you reminiscing about when you were a little girl, playing with dolls for the first time! Our beautiful cinch bodice with ruffled trim is a classic look in doll clothes, for a classy doll! We want our classic designs to help you pass on your stories and values to a new generation!
  • ★ We all know little girls can get messy, but don't worry about cleaning up the mess. Each of our doll clothes outfits are machine washable and very durable, so it can be cleaned and played with as many times as your little girl needs! Keep in mind each outfit comes with the blue nightgown and a blue ribbon, all other accessories are sold separately.
My little girl is going to have a fit over this outfit as soon as she sees it!! This Liberty Belle Nightgown is lovely! I fits her American Girl dolls perfectly! As if it was made for them! Its super soft and has the cutest design on it and seems to be made very well. Its sewn well and comes with a ribbon which could be used as a sash or a hair bow. I added it to her dolls hair the pretty blue color makes the dolls eyes stand out. 

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Skinny Jane's T.K.O. Weight Loss Tea - Perfect Addition to any Diet or Weight Loss Plan

T.K.O. Weight Loss Tea ~ Fuzzy Peach

Order yours HERE  

T.K.O. Weight Loss Tea - Perfect Addition to any Diet or Weight Loss Plan -
  • Inculdes 7, 100% All Natural Ingredients 
  • Helps Suppress your Appetite, Burn Fat, and Boost Metabolism Naturally
  • Cleanses Waste and Toxins from Your Body - Gives You Mental Sharpness and More Energy 
  • Formulated by a Weight Loss Expert and Tea Expert with Over 40 Years Experience Blending Teas
  • Helps Eliminate Bloating/Excess Water Retention throughout Your Body
  • 0 Calories, Tastes Great and No Artificial Sweeteners 
Dieting but just not losing fast enough or hitting a plateau? Adding T.K.O. Dieter's Tea to your diet will help you lose weight and slim down faster! We took 7 all natural ingredients proven to speed up your metabolism and ignite your dieting efforts and blended them to perfection. 
Just 10 ounces before each meal will help "Knock Out" your:
  • Appetite and sugar cravings
  • Belly fat and excess weight
  • Stress and foggy mind
  • Toxins and impurities in your body
  • Dieting/weight loss plateau 
Did you know that drinking something warm will calm you down and help you feel full? When you add in the 8 fat fighting all natural ingredients in TKO Tea, you have a perfect weight loss enhancer! Every ingredient in our slimming tea has either weight loss properties and or great health benefits.
Benefits of T.K.O. “Knock Out Weight Loss Tea”
  • Decreases your appetite
  • Increases your metabolism and kick-starts weight loss
  • Helps burn body fat instead of muscle for better long term weight loss
  • Reduces excess water retention that can lead to puffy hands, ankles and feet
  • Great tasting and refreshing
For best results, drink 2-3 times a day, follow a sensible diet, such as a Skinny Jane Weight Loss Challenge, and don't eat after 7 P.M. Sip, savor and knock out your dieting despair!
Eight, 100% All Natural Ingredients
1. Wu Yi Oolong Tea has been proven to increase the metabolic rate by up to 20-25% and activates an enzyme that dissolves triglycerides as well as suppresses fatty accumulation and prevents increases in body weight. This type of tea also promotes the oxidation of body fat stores and inhibits the absorption of unnecessary carbohydrates and fat.
2. Aged Puerh Tea works in resolving fat by removing excess grease and helping your body eliminate unwanted and leftover, hard to digest fat. It also helps with weight loss by increasing the speed of digestion, accelerating the movement of fat from the stomach to the colon without giving the fat time to be absorbed by the body.
3. Licorice root helps to reduce body fat as well as easing your cravings for sugar and controlling your appetite. 
4. Dandelion root allows the body to use food and energy in a more complete way by speeding up metabolism and acting as a tonic that rejuvenates and energizes you. It also increases the ability for fats in food to be processed as well as helps you to lose excess water weight.
5. Ginger is a thermogenic agent that can help burn fat by increasing the metabolism and also helps aid in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes. Ginger also enhances the feeling of fullness after a meal and suppresses your appetite altogether.
6. Chickweed aids in appetite control as well as increasing metabolism. It helps you lose and keep off water weight while also aiding in the emulsification of fat cells, which promotes the dissolving and elimination of fat.
7. Lemon Grass has many health benefits including suppressing your appetite and eliminating the toxins in the body. Lemon grass also reduces bad cholesterol and cuts down the fats in your body while controlling cellulite formation and reducing flab and extra flesh.
* Also contains peach flavoring.
On SALE for just $23.99 for a tin of 20 Pyramid Bags. Save $6 for a limited time only.
***Add Skinny Cleanse to your order to give you the ultimate cleanse and detox. Skinny Cleanse is normally $29.99, but you save $5 with this combined special.
1 Tin contains 20 TKO Tea Bags - Directions: Bring 10 oz. of water just to boiling and steep one sachet 5 minutes. Suggested use: Drink 2-3 cups daily, preferably before each meal and in the middle of the afternoon, eat around 1250 calories a day, and do not eat after 7 P.M. for best results. Order today, so you can start enjoying it within 3-4 days!

Wow Just WOW!! I saw the Fuzzy Peach T.K.O tea and thought "That sounds so TASTY!" I had no clue that it was as good as it sounded! I really like the flavor and that it has a light smell its heavenly! I also enjoy that I don't need SUGAR!! Living in the south I grew up with sweet tea! I love it NO matter if its hot or cold I always add sugar. But now that I'm getting older I am starting to lead a better and healthier life style I want to cut back on all those things that I grew up loving. I no longer can enjoy a glass of sweet tea and not gain 10 lbs with this T.K.O tea I feel like I can meet my target weight goal as well enjoy something I have always had a love for Tea! This Tea is so d-lish and it also helps with my appetite. Now that I've tried out this tasty tea I cant wait to try out some of the other products by Skinny Jane! 

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Tuna Squish GIVEAWAY

Tuna Squish

  • The Tuna Squish let's you open canned tuna without smelling like one
  • Drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna with minimal human contact
  • Never Touch Your Tuna

The Tuna Squish is a handheld can press that drains the liquid, removes and ejects the lid from canned tuna. No more messy tuna, smelly hands or potentially dangerous jagged can edges.

My kids love tuna!! But I hate the smell! and can't stand that fishy smell on my hands when I drain the water off. With this Tuna Squish I no longer have smelly hands. Its also every easy to use and its super cute design make my kids want to eat tuna more offend. Its not only easy to use its also super easy to clean too!

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Tuna Squish

Bee Sili Super Silicone Oil, Vinegar & Sauce Bottle, Basting Brush

Bee Sili Super Silicone Oil, Vinegar & Sauce Bottle, Basting Brush & Food Storage Container * 3-in-1 Pour, Baste & Store: Green

  • Bee Eco Friendly - BPA Free * FDA approved food grade silicone * Reusable
  • Bee Thrifty - Save money * Durable, break resistant, long lasting food storage
  • Bee Healthy - Serve & store oil, vinegar, light liquid sauces * Use just what you need and limit calories
  • Bee Happy - Fill, Pour, Baste & Store liquids in convenient silicone dispenser for later use
  • Bee Risk Free - Love using your Bee Sili Super Silicone Basting Bottle Brush & Food Storage Container or get a 100% refund with no need to return. You can keep it!

First off I LOVE Bee Sili's Brand! I've tried a few different products from them and so far everything I've gotten has the best quality and is some of the newest coolest kitchen items! This baste brush is really handy in the kitchen. It seems like a few times a week I'm having to get out butter or oil to brush it on my dinner rolls or a meal that I have prepared. I hate having to dig around looking for a brush and then having to clean it. With this set is all in one and all the parts are removable which is easy to clean and helps cut back on germs. Its also very cool that I can add spices or seasoning in it to make my own favors of oil or butter mix.

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Lovely Lashes Curler

Lovely Lashes Eyelash Curler By Izy Trends - Creates The Perfect Curls For All Eyelashes Every Time - The Best Eyelash Curler - Comes With 1 Extra Silicone Refill Izy Trends

  • Backed By Our 100% Lifetime Guarantee!
  • All-Purpose Curling, Curls Short Lashes, Medium Lashes and Long Lashes
  • Gentle and Soft Pad Design With Rubber Grip Handle
  • No Pinch, No Tugs, Just Perfect Lashes
  • Creates Great Curls That Will Last All Day!

Order yours HERE

I got these eye lash curlers for my 12 year old she is just now learning how to wear makeup and I thought these would make a great gift! She loves them! At first she was a little scared but after I showed her the way to use them and to always check your pad before applying to the eyelash she had no fear.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yoga Design Lab

Premium Yoga Mat w/ Carrying Strap. Eco-Friendly, Lightweight, Perfect Thickness, Non-slip, Extra-long, Specially Designed Memory Foam. Money Back Guarantee

by Yoga Design Lab
  • PREMIUM MEMORY FORM (5mm): Lightweight, non-slip, extra-long, and the perfect thickness for maximum comfort, balance, and durability. Protect your knees and reduce injuries instantly. Comes with easy-to-use carrying strap.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Free of Phthalates, Latex, metals, harmful toxins, and SGS Approved.
  • ZERO ODOR: No toxic smell like those cheap yoga mats! Feel good about the products you use.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, please return for a no-questions asked full refund.
  • SUPPORTING URBAN YOUTH PROGRAMS: $1 from every purchase goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need. Giving back is awesome.
72 x 24 x 5mm 

This ultra-sleek looking lightweight mat is designed to be the ultimate yoga mat for home, studio, and travel.
• Extra comfort and durability comes from our specially designed eco-friendly memory foam. 
• Instantly reduce injuries with the thickness, grip and responsiveness of the mat which allows you to maintain perfect balance during poses. 
• You'll love the convenient carrying strap included with your mat, that allows you to easily toss it under your arm as you head to class. 
• 72 x 24 x 5mm 
• Zero odor. 
• Eco-friendly: Free of Phthalates, Latex, metals, harmful toxins, and SGS Approved.
• Easy to wash: Simply wipe down your mat with a non oil based soap or detergent, then rinse off. Hang dry. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. 
$1 from every purchase goes to support Urban Youth Yoga Programs in need.

Thanks to this Yoga mat I was able to show my daughter that her mom may be her mom but isn't too old to still work out or stretch. I have been using this yoga mat daily in the mornings to stretch and to learn how to do yoga. I am very new to doing yoga and being clumsy at times this mat has helped me from slipping or falling many times! My 12 year old used the mat also to show me how shes learning new dance moves at school! We both love the size and how well its made. 
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dr.Cool Real Bug Dig Kit

Real Insect Excavation Kit - Dig out 3 REAL bugs!!

  • This hands-on dig kit contains a genuine spiny spider, fortune beetle, & scorpion preserved in acrylic
  • Kit includes digging tool, brush and magnifying glass and is a great way to start an insect collection
  • Perfect gift for any kid aged 6-12 that is interested in bugs, science, entomology, or paleontology
  • The 12-page info guide is filled with cool science facts about insects and was written by teachers
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning
Real Bug Dig It Out Science Kit!
Excavate 3 genuine bug specimens just like a real paleontologist.
They’re each buried inside a beetle-shaped digging block! Your young entomologist will uncover a real scorpion, spiny spider, and fortune beetle specimen. These insects have been perfectly preserved inside acrylic so that you can examine each of these incredible creatures from all sides. This hands-on science kit includes an excavation tool, brush, and magnifying glass. There’s also a full-color information guide (written by teachers) so that you can learn all about insects, arthropods, and arachnids. You’ll learn cool science facts about each of the creatures in this kit as well as general info about bugs. Plus there’s an activity booklet with 10 fun games, mazes, and puzzles to complete. Your kids will bug-out with this fascinating excavation project!
AWARDS WON: Brain Toy Gold Award - Academic's Choice 2013
My boys love Dr.Cool products so much that I didn't even get a chance to take a photo of them before they discovered the real bugs!! As soon as the mail came my 13 year old had just gotten out of school and bought in the mail as soon as I opened up the box my 4 year old took off with the kit. Before I could even walk into the bedroom both boys had everything laid out and was ready to dig! You know its really something to find a toy that will entertained your 4 year old and 13 year old at the same time! They both love Dr.Cool products! Here is the blog post about them doing the Gem kit! Once they had found all three bugs they both enjoyed looking and reading the books over! With these Dr.Cool toys there is a bonding time like no other! Both boys also enjoyed learning about each bug and now they play hide & go seek with the real bugs! Being the mom and finding a bug in your mashed potatoes isn't my idea of fun but they got a kick out of tricking me. No wonder Dr.Cool has won so many awards! Their toys are fun and bring education into play time.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.