Monday, October 27, 2014

Chapstick Put Your Lips First Review

ChapStick® Hydration Lock Day & Night
New ChapStick® dual-ended Hydration Lock Day & Night offers skin protection on one side and replenishing butters on the other side, for double the care for lips. This dual-ended innovation from ChapStick® delivers two distinct formulas, all in one tube, designed to provide you with 24-hour lip care. ChapStick® now delivers double the care for your lips with SPF 12 and long-lasting moisturization for the daytime on one side, and natural butters, antioxidants, and Tamanu oil on the other side to replenish your tired lips at night

I got this product from Smiley360 for FREE for my honest review :) 
I really like this product and think its great for all your lip care needs.


  1. Take some meds. Lol. Nice chapstick. I like that it has 2 chapsticks in one stick.